Saturday, March 28, 2009

A few Wedding Pictures

Just for fun, since the post below talks about our wedding, here a few pictures from the day! I wish I had pictures on my computer of the candy bar, cupcake tower, and the oyster shucker.... I'll have to get those sometime and put them on here, because I loved those details! I have decided I really am obsessed with weddings, and I should be a wedding planner! Oh and you have to click on the picture to see the whole thing for some reason, don't know what I did wrong!?


Emily said...

Taylor YUCK! you are so gorgeous you make me sick :). Hey I was hoping to see you today at church. Spencer actually went to primary so I got to go to class. yeah for me. Ok call me soon.

Haley said...

Make sure you add my email:

And... since you are so good at weddings.. you can plan mine in a year and a half :) I know you are so excited!

Bree said...

You hot mama! LOVE the wedding colors. Gorgeous pictures, too!

Suzie said...

Taylor That last picture is AMAZING! It belongs in a magazine!

Have I been added to your blog invite list?