Monday, June 28, 2010

17 Months

Olivia is 17 months today. I cannot believe it. That is almost a year and a half. AND, that is one month until nursery!!! YAY!
My baby girl had a rough month. Thrush, and a tummy bug. Poor girl. She didn't eat for weeks! It was the saddest thing. But she is better now, and back to normal. Eating and asking for "bite" all the time.
She is starting to talk more and more. I love hearing new words from her daily. The other day while at the store we were in line to pay, and she looks at me and says, "iaunna tookie" (I want a cookie"). You can bet that cookie came home with us. I was so surprised. She said a full sentence. The lady in line ahead of us even commented on it! And today she said "peas" (please.) Adorable.
She is still a little peanut. But, she finally hit the 20 pound mark this month! And she is 30 inches. And we can finally find shoes that fit. Pretty easily :)
She missed her sister while she was away, and would often stand at the front door and scream her name. "Anlee" SO sweet! She loves her sissy!!
She is a busy, busy girl. Running everywhere. And has recently decided that she doesn't like riding in her stroller, and would instead like to "wa" everywhere. "I wa, I wa" she says. And then she runs away the minute her feet hit the ground.

We love our girl!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

She's Back!

After 3 weeks spent with her Dad, Ansley is HOME! And, just as funny as ever. She said several cute things today that I want to write them down before I forget!
First thing this morning when she got home I pulled out my new camera. It's a fancy one, that I don't know how to work. She obviously could tell I was struggling, because she looks at me and says, "I think you just need to wait until Triana can show you how to work that thing!" (Triana is our amazing, and all knowing photographer friend).
Then while we were eating our lunch she says, "Grandma made the best friend squash. This was no ordinary squash. It was breaded like chicken." Who says ordinary at 5??
In the right context no less.
Later in the car (I told you she was really funny today, this isn't even the last story.) Livvy was making whistling noises, and she says, "Guess it's true what they say, the younger ones always do whistle first." I've never heard this, because I'm pretty sure it isn't what "they say" but I laughed. Pretty funny. Ansley cannot whistle. And neither can Livvy. Really. Lol.
And then at the doctor's office (where she was getting tested for strep, I'll post about my crazy week later...) the nurse gave Ansley a cup of water. Of course Olivia then had to have one too. Which Olivia proceeded to dump all over dress. A few minutes later Ansley looked at Olivia and said, "Her water mark looks like Texas." And it DID look like Texas. Did anyone teach her the states? Because I didn't. And my Mom said on the airplane on the little map they had she knew all of them. That girl is too smart...
We have an exciting weekend ahead. I'll update soon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Park Days

It is FINALLY warm enough for the park!!!!! A group of friends and
I have been meeting once a week to hang out and let the kids run.
It is so nice for the SUN to be out :)

My little chipmunk cheeks! She was so enjoying all
the food being passed around.
I am pretty sure these cheeks are full of the pizza she picked
up off the grass. YUCK!!
Anlsey and Leah! Ansley LOVES Leah!!
Not sure what that tongue is about!?

Still working on the pizza!?
(I just realized this is the same picture, it is
supposed to be a different one...)

Cassie and me.

Ansley and Morgan!
We love our friends :)

Thank goodness for friends!!

See, when you write a post about how you don't take pictures, pictures suddenly show up in your inbox :) Thanks Em for saving the day!!
These are from Ansley's preschool graduation. Her and Spencer were not in the same class (which was sad, and not well planned on my part), but they did get to sit beside eachother at graduation. These will be so cute on their wedding invites someday!!

It was fun to see what the kids had learned this year!
They sang several cute songs, including "Kiss your Brain" and "Hannah had the Hiccups"
Counted down from 10, and made several letter sounds for us!
Then they got a cute little diploma!
We are proud of our Ansley! She is one smart girl!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June!? Already?

The month of May flew by. We were busy wrapping up Ansley's last year of preschool, attending her dance recital, a wedding, Curtis' birthday, mother's day, enjoying a few warm days here and there, and I was getting Ansley ready to go to her Dad's house for 3 weeks. And sadly- I don't think I got pictures of ANY of this!?? (I should add that other people did take pictures of some of these events, and the recital was recorded on Curtis' phone, are we awesome parents, or what!?) I have decided that the reason I am not good at blogging is because I am not good at taking pictures. And what is a blog post without a picture??? So, I dug out the camera, actually found the charger, and in June I am taking pictures!
Olivia is talking up a storm. Saying new words daily. A few weeks ago she closed the door to the closet (her on one side, me on the other), and said, "Bye, lub ju". CUTEST thing ever. And just in case you weren't sure what that was, it was "love you". She is such a funny girl! She has so much personality! She is quite the little dancer, I really really should get that on video. It is the best!! And, her hair is finally starting to grow. A little.
Ansley is at her Dad's house until the end of June. She was so excited to go and spend time in Florida with him. It will be the longest she has ever been away from home, but I know she will have a great time! She finished up preschool before she left, and even had a cute little graduation. She is so excited to start kindergarten in the fall! I am also hoping to put her in girl scouts! So get ready to buy some cookies :)
Look for some new sewing projects posts soon. I have a few fun sewing days planned with friends and hope to get a lot accomplished!!