Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June!? Already?

The month of May flew by. We were busy wrapping up Ansley's last year of preschool, attending her dance recital, a wedding, Curtis' birthday, mother's day, enjoying a few warm days here and there, and I was getting Ansley ready to go to her Dad's house for 3 weeks. And sadly- I don't think I got pictures of ANY of this!?? (I should add that other people did take pictures of some of these events, and the recital was recorded on Curtis' phone, are we awesome parents, or what!?) I have decided that the reason I am not good at blogging is because I am not good at taking pictures. And what is a blog post without a picture??? So, I dug out the camera, actually found the charger, and in June I am taking pictures!
Olivia is talking up a storm. Saying new words daily. A few weeks ago she closed the door to the closet (her on one side, me on the other), and said, "Bye, lub ju". CUTEST thing ever. And just in case you weren't sure what that was, it was "love you". She is such a funny girl! She has so much personality! She is quite the little dancer, I really really should get that on video. It is the best!! And, her hair is finally starting to grow. A little.
Ansley is at her Dad's house until the end of June. She was so excited to go and spend time in Florida with him. It will be the longest she has ever been away from home, but I know she will have a great time! She finished up preschool before she left, and even had a cute little graduation. She is so excited to start kindergarten in the fall! I am also hoping to put her in girl scouts! So get ready to buy some cookies :)
Look for some new sewing projects posts soon. I have a few fun sewing days planned with friends and hope to get a lot accomplished!!

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