Thursday, May 22, 2008

And the fun continues...

We are still in Florida, which has been wonderful, but a little stressful, as I think most visits home for long periods of time can become. We miss Utah! Which I never thought I would say, as it was so hard to move from my family, but I miss my quiet life, and my CAR!

Anyway, we have had fun laying out by the pool, however, Tuesday was not so fun! My little sister and I were outside (I was trying to catch my back up to my front, I never flip over enough....), Ansley was swimming away, (only a child can get in the water as it's way to cold for anybody that notices that sort of thing!), I come inside to order a pizza for lunch. Haley comes running in telling me that Ansley has eaten a berry. No big deal, right!? Just to be sure I hop on the computer to check out the poisonous berries list. A few names sound familiar. I call my Mom, tell her, she's about 5 minutes away, and says she will identify the bush as soon as she gets there. It's Lantana she tells me. I get back on google, and FREAK out! Lantana= possibly Fatal!!!! OH MY GOSH! I cannot even explain how paranoid I was! I call my old ped. while my Mom is calling poison control, poison control says to get her to the ER immediately! Ansley is crying, and telling us she doesn't want to go... I quickly change her, throw my bathing suit cover up, a hat, and we head to Gulf Coast Hospital. Ansley then tells me that she only chewed the berry, and then spit it out- this does comfort me a little. We get the the ER, and they take us very quickly, thank goodness! The nurse checking us in tells us that Lantana is no big deal, and she'll be fine. Um, okay, then why did Google scare me to death!? Ansley still has no symptoms, and it had been about 35 mintues. So, we get the little room to wait for the Doc. Wait about 20 minutes, finally the Doc comes in feels her tummy, talks to her a few seconds, tells us to hang tight and he'll be right back. He comes back, pokes his head in the door, and says, and I quote "4 hours, starting now!" I am like excuse me? He says, "I need to watch her 4 hours. Hopefully the TV works, and she can watch some cartoons!" Okay... I am in my swimsuit, Ansley is running around like she always does, and we haven't eaten all day, sure no problem, 4 hours....... My parents went on a food and clothes run, while Ansley and I watched Sponge Bob. In those 4 hours the nurse, not the doctor came in once to check on her. ONE TIME! They released us 30 minutes early... I am SO glad my baby is okay, don't get me wrong, it was REALLY scary! BUT, I am a little upset about the whole ER thing, as I don't know that the Doctors there even knew what to do about Lantana berries. The Doctor told us that he was looking it up!? That's scary, as this is a common plant in the south, and all over so many people's yard, and is a potentially very dangerous plant! Ansley was giving a blessing before we left for the hospital, and I really think that this was vital, because poison control told us that the least amount of this berry was very dangerous! So, check out your backyards (this plant is evidently more common in the south)!

On another note, Haley is a Highschool grad! We are so proud of her!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Haley's Senior Prom!

I cannot figure out how to put this in the other post, so I just thought I would add it up here. I was REALLY proud of Haley for wanting a modest dress this year. She looked beautiful! Her boyfriend, Clay, also looked very handsome in his matching tux! They were so cute. I cannot believe she will be graduating in about a week... I am so excited that she will be coming out to BYU this fall though, and we will only live 10 minutes apart! I cannot wait for her to experience real snow, so she knows what I am complaining about ALL the time!!! Enjoy the pics, and excuse my tired look in the last picture, I was really tired after getting the girls all ready for prom!


Saturday, May 3, 2008

We are HOME!

Well, for 6 weeks anyway! We arrived in Panama City Beach on Thursday, and we haven't stopped since we got here. Haley's senior prom was tonight, and we have spent days preparing for it tonight. She has a dress nightmare! She had it made (as she wanted sleeves, and those are hard to come by in the prom dress department), and it was made really poorly- like she couldn't even wear it! Luckily, she did find someone to fix it, and all turned out well. She looked beautiful! And her dress got tons of compliments. I will be sure to put up pictures when I get them on the computer. I did her hair and make-up, and her friend's hair and make-up, so that was fun. I was so glad to be able to come home in time to help her get ready for her last highschool dance.

Ansley is loving seeing all of the family again. She is a trip! When she saw Preston for the first time she exclaims, "You look different!" (he hasn't changed a bit)....

We have a whirlwind of events while we are here, bridal showers, graduations, and of course the BIG wedding of Preston and Katy, which we are looking forward to on June 7th! I will post some pictures soon!