Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Olivia Kate {22 Months}

This girl of mine...
She is getting so big!
So full of personality!!
It has been a fun month with our Olivia Kate.
She keeps us smiling,
and occasionally...
wanting to pull our hair out :)
Livvy LOVES to jump!
It is so funny to watch her.
She also loves to dance.
She has some great moves too!
Livvy still has Daddy wrapped around her little finger.
Curtis loves that baby girl.
And she loves her Dad.
He puts her to bed at night.
It's their time together.
I cannot remember if I have shared before,
but she has an obsession with elbows.
Yes, super strange, I know...
When she is tired,
she will says,
And you have to pull up your shirt sleeve,
to expose your bare elbow,
for her to hold.
A shirted elbow will just not do.
And she often needs both elbows.
Not sure where it came from,
or why she does it.
And yes, we think it is so weird!!
But, it puts her to sleep.
Every. Time.
There were some BIG changes this month for Livvy!!
I finally weaned her.
Well, almost :)
She is down to just nursing in the morning.
It wasn't easy,
and she is still "mourning" the loss.
But, I am so grateful to be down to once a day.
I am glad to have nursed for so long,
but it was time.
When she started saying,
"other side."
it was definitely time.... TMI!?
And now, she is eating so much better!!
Her favorites are:
Eggs, black beans, avocados, oranges, and yogurt.
Livvy is talking tons.
And pretty clearly.
We love it!!!
She can pretty much express anything she wants.
A few nights ago she and Ansley were playing in her room.
Ansley closed the door,
and I hear,
"Ansley, I tuck in here!"
(She cannot open doors yet!)
Ansley immediately opened the door for her :)
Liv and Ansley have such a sweet relationship!
We love you Livvy Kate!!

Thanksgiving 2010

We headed out to Curtis' parents house for Thanksgiving this year.
I brought my camera,
but sadly didn't take a single picture!?
We had a wonderful time though!!
Eating yummy food,
and enjoying time with a lot of family!
(But we sure missed Wayne and Renee!!)
I love this time of year,
when I reflect on the things that I am thankful for.
A loving husband, who takes good care of his family!
Two beautiful girls.
My supportive and wonderful parents and Curtis'.
Awesome brothers and sisters, both my own, and Curtis'.
Cute cousins for my girls to play with.
Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.
Eternal families!
Friends who are always there. No matter what.
My faith and testimony.
A warm, cozy home.
Curtis' job.
My sewing machine... Really, it is my sanity some days.
And so many, many more things.
We are so blessed.