Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tonsils: The Real Deal

Now that it is over, I want to document our experience.
The first few days were the "honeymoon period".
It got worse.
Way worse.
Ansley hated the way the pain meds tasted.
All of them
Tylenol with codeine, tasted like vomit she said.
(Lovely, right!?)
Motrin was too strong.
Chewable grape Motrin hurt.
Livvy's Tylenol was "just yucky".
Basically we had to force her to take it,
and threaten trips to the ER.
Which, would have been a reality had she not taken it.
She quit eating for DAYS!
And would wake in the night crying.
It was the saddest thing.
To watch my tough girl in pain.
It has now been 2 weeks,
and she is pretty much recovered.
Except her little voice. She sounds different.
Yesterday was her first day back at school.
I LOVED that when we walked in (late), her class CHEERED!!
It was the sweetest thing,
and I think she loved it too :)
I am glad that we did it,
I am VERY glad that it is just over.
And, I never want to see another Popsicle again.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Olivia Kate: 2

Olivia is a funny girl.
She is a talker.
Just like her sister :)
And we love it.
There is nothing she cannot say anymore,
and we can have conversations with her now.
Her new favorite word is awesome.
Awesome, right?
She uses it a lot.
"Grandma Bair is so awesome."
(My Grandma was recently in town.)
"Mom, Jamba Juice so awesome."
I have to agree with her, on both counts.
She also likes to say that things are,
"sooo cute."
Recently while asking her who was a boy,
and who was a girl, we stumped her.
Her answer to whether Clay is a boy or a girl,
"Uncle Clay sooo cute."
Way to play it safe Liv :)
She keeps us laughing.
In huge Olivia news,
she is officially,
100% weaned.
That is right,
now who wants to throw ME a party??
23 months people.
Crazy? I think yes.
Olivia is obsessed with baby dolls.
She loves pushing them in strollers.
Changing diapers.
Feeding them.
And stripping their clothes off.
All of her babies must be naked.
At all times...
So annoying if you ask me.
We have a lot of cute doll clothes :)
This past month she has cut out naps.
Or maybe I cut out her nap.
She was not going to bed at night,
and it was killing me.
No nap= 7:30 bedtime= happy mommy.
I do miss those 2 hours of free time during the day,
but I like my long evenings better.
Potty training is next.
Wish me luck!
LOVE you Livvy Kate!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ansley: Tonsils

Ansley had her tonsils out yesterday.
I am SO proud of how brave she was.
Ansley is SUCH a positive little girl,
she always looks for the good in life.
Instead of being scared,
or worried about the pain,
she looked forward to popsicles and ice cream!

We had to be at the surgery center at 6:45.
Ansley was such a good sport.
We went through all the paper work,
Ansley charmed the nurses :)
She suited up,
in her adult sized gown.
It swallowed her.
And came untied 15 times.
The nurse gave her a warm blanket to wrap up in.
After meeting with the doctor,
we walked her to the big doors,
where we parted ways.
She walked so bravely with the nurses.
I was so proud.
And, I tried not to cry,
walking to the waiting room.
15 minutes later.
No really,
they came out to tell us she had done GREAT!
And they would come and get us in a bit to go to recovery with her.
I waited anxiously to go see my girl.
Waking up was a bit rocky.
And she had a mild reaction to the morphine.
But, over all she was amazing.
And we headed home about an hour later.

She has been great.
It is just day 2.
So, obviously, there will still be some ups and downs.
But, 15 popsicles, 2 bowls of ices cream,
3 cups of chicken soup, LOTS of gatorade,
and gogurt later...
Oh, and the tomato soup I begged her not eat.
(worried it would burn)
She is not even complaining.
Praying for a continued speedy recovery.
You are a tough girl Ansley!!
And we love you!!!!!

Life Lessons: Olivia Kate

This picture was taken Christmas Eve.

I don't remember what happened.

It might have been that I wouldn't let her take the pictures!??

She wasn't happy though.

And, I love this picture.

Not all moments in life are happy.

We have had our fair share of those lately.

I think this 2 year old stage is tough.

I wish I could sugar coat it.

But, Olivia has many unhappy moments these days.

Frustrated she cannot do everything she wants to.

I don't blame her.

I would be sad too if I couldn't use a knife every time I wanted to.

Or if I wasn't allowed to play outside, but my sister was.

Or if I couldn't eat ice cream at every meal.

I mean, life just isn't fair when you are 2.

Or 26.

These are hard lessons to learn.

But, we love our girl.

And we are trying to teach her.

Trying to keep her safe.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We made it.
February was a long month.
Not the easiest one.
But, March is here.
I am determinded to find motivation.
I have projects to do!!
A lot of them.
If I write them here, will I be more accountable?
(Maybe. Maybe not.)
1. Craft BLOG!! You heard it here. It is coming. And I am excited. My friend and I have had it in the works for a long time. It *should* make its "launch" this month :)
2. Easter dresses. Easter decor.
3. Clean out the girls closet.
4. Clean out the craft closet.
6. TAKE pictures!! And, not on my phone... And print pictures for...
7. Photo wall!
8. Paint my desk. And actually put the hardware back on it. And the nightstand too. Who wants pictures of the finished product??? Anyone?
9. Update the recipe blog. I have been cooking. Just not blogging about it.
Here's to a productive March!!
Nevermind we already 9 days in...