Monday, August 29, 2011

Olivia Kate: Funny Girl

Lately Olivia has been making us laugh. A lot. She is at that very entertaining stage, where every other thing she says has us cracking up. I wanted to write a few thing down to remember.

Ansley, ”Mom, we need to decide what to eat for lunch. We need food.”
Livvy, ”We don't need food, we ate food last night.”

Me, ”You will be going to time-out if you keep crying.
Livvy, ”But, we don't have any stairs!?”
(she always sat on the stairs for time-outs at our old house.)

When trying to get her into her,own.bed at night, and not in ours... As she is climbing up into our bed,
”Livvy, this is not your bed. You need to go get into your bed.”
Livvy, ”no, it's fine.”
We finally get her to her room, and 5 minutes later she is back in our room. We ask her what is wrong with her bed/room.
”It's fine, except Mom isn't in there.”

As we were watching Say Yes to thr Dress one night, Livvy says, ”I wish I could go to Haley Clays wedding day again.” She its obsessed with the day they got ”murried”. Everytime we put on her flowrer girl shoes she starts talking about it. So cute.

She also says ”sure” to everything. any question you ask her, the answer, ”sure”. It is so funny. Strangers laugh and comment whenever they hear this.

Today she cut my hair. This isn't funny, I know, but, when I realized it and screamed (you would too!) She gets right in my face and says, ” Don't scream at me.” She cut my hair, and I was the one suddenly feeling bad. and for the record, she cut a very small section, and it blends. Thank goodness. And rather mine than hers, I have a lot more :)

We love our cute, funny girl.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ansley: 1st Grader

It's true.

Ansley is in 1st grade.

Really not quite sure how or when she got so old!?

We are at a new school this year.

Obviously :)

And, there is bus.

Last year, there was no bus.

I drove her.

Every day.

I tried to drive her today,

but she wasn't having it.

She insisted on riding the bus with all her new little friends.

She also insisted on going to the bus stop. Alone.

And she did.

For about 5 minutes.

Until I remembered that I am the Mom, and I wasn't missing this moment.

I joined her there,

much to her dismay.

She was SO embarrassed.

Poor girl.

Mother's are so humiliating.

But, I am glad I saw my baby girl get on the bus :)

As a 1st grader!!

Snazzy new backpack.

We love sparkles.

" Do I have to hold this sign!?"

Heading to the bus stop.
Check out this look.
This is the look that says, "Mooom!?"
I know that one well.
I am so in trouble in a few years.
A few years too soon I fear....

Monday, August 15, 2011

New House: Olivia's Room

Livvy's room is pretty much the same as before.

With the exception of BIG GIRL beds!!!

That's right, no more crib.

These were my great grandmother's beds.

I love them,

12 cans of spray paint later....

Olivia's handmade doll bought at the SLC Farmer's Market.

LOVE them, and all the detail.

Big girl beds.

Everyone asks about the bookcase. Ikea. Baskets, Land of Nod.

"O" for Olivia.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New House: Ansley's Room

One of our favorite things about our new house is the girls have their own rooms!

It has been awesome. Bed time is so much easier.

And, it was fun to get to decorate a room for just Ansley!

Again, pictures out of order....


Obviously, dresser, and pictures. Hehe.

This was my bed when I was a little girl.

I love that she gets to use it.

I spray painted it yellow the day we moved in.

The bedding was a great find from T.J. Maxx.

I always find bedding there I love.

I had planned on making a quilt, but when I found this decided against it :)

My wallet and my sewing machine are both thanking me.

Love that I got to reuse her welcome home banner!!

First of many pillows to come.

Thank you pinterest for many, many ideas.

There are still a few details I would like to add, but I am loving it so far :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Olivia's First Carnival

In June, when Ansley was gone, I took Livvy to her first carnival. Or is it called a Fair!?
Triana, Chris, and Gavin showed us all the fun things to do!
Liv had a blast!! And wasn't afraid of a single ride. Even the big slide.
I think it was the most fun she had ever had.
We definitely need to take advantage of more of these events!!
Thanks Ord's for a fun night!