Monday, December 8, 2008

Ansley Birthday!

On October 16th Ansley turned 4! Curtis' Mom and Sister Courtney came to see Ansley for the day. Ashlee and Renee joined us as well. Per Ansley's request we had lunch at Carrabas. One of her favorites, since I figured no one else would want to eat at Taco Bell (she is so my child!). We had a great time seeing cousins, baby Jordyn had grown a lot since we had last seen her. Ansley got lots of presents! Thanks everyone again for coming it, we had a great time!

Aunt Renee with baby Jordyn and Apri!
Ansley and her princess card!

Apri was having a good time for sure!

More presents! Which by the way Renee, we are having an etiquette lesson on, Ansley told Renee that clothes are a boring gift! Don't feel too bad though, she told her Aunt Katy and Uncle Preston the same thing! We are working on it! And we all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE clothes!

Everyone but Ashlee. I don't know how she managed to escape pictures! Oh, I guess Ansley is missing too...

Better late than never....

I am playing catch up with some pictures. I finally took them off my camera, from September/October. Just a bit late...
In late September we went to the Circus in Salt Lake City with Curtis' parents, and Brother Wayne, his wife Renee, and Apri. Although the show as a bit longer than we expected we had a great time.

The elephants were my favorite part. There was a baby elephant that even skipped. SO CUTE!

Being as paranoid as I am about hieghts, I was terrified the whole time that some little kid was going to fall over the edge of the balcony. I wish I were kidding, my palms were literally sweating the whole time...

Curtis' Mom and Dad, Ansley, Wayne and Apri.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Olivia will be here in 6-7 weeks!!!!

As you know, this has been a rough pregnancy for me, I was sick for so long, and then I have had constant back pain, and now to top it all off I have been diagnosed with a very rare pregnancy induced liver disease called ICP. It starts with itchy palms and soles of the feet, and slowly the itch spreads everywhere else. This started the day after Thanksgiving, and I thought I was going to lose my mind! Curtis definitely thought I was crazy, but I had a friend who had ICP, and had told me about it, so I googled it to find more information and immediately called my Doctor. I feel very blessed to have been able to catch it right away, because it is life threatening to the baby. My Doctor ran tests on Monday, and now it looks like we will be inducing at 36 weeks, if the lungs are mature (yippee for an amnio... :( right!?) or 37 weeks otherwise, as the further you get the more risk there is for baby! It has really made me realize though, how very blessed I am, and how Heavenly Father's hand really is in our lives. Had I not met this friend recently, I would not have even known about this, and something could have happened to our precious little Olivia! And, hey, now I don't have to worry about all those newborn clothes that I had bought going to waste thinking I would most likely have a 9 pound baby! Okay, I am reaching there, but I am trying to count ALL my blessings...
So, now I off to do the 40 million things left I have to do before Livvy gets here, 10 weeks seems like a lot longer than 6! And I haven't even started the nursery. Better get going on that!