Saturday, November 6, 2010

{Olivia Kate 21 Months}

Olivia Kate is 21 months!?
I say it every month,
but really!???
She is going to be 2!
This month Livvy showed intrest in the potty.
So, we got her a little pink potty.
She has yet to use it.
But, she loves sitting on it.
Clothed or not.
Yes, her foot is stuck in her pants.
One of her favorite things is to talk on the phone.
No idea where she gets that!?
She loves to call Petch or Grandpa.
And talk, talk, talk.
She is usually not ready to get off the phone when the other person is.
And will say,
"Wait! Wait! Wait! Minute!"

Olivia loves to draw and color.
We are all very impressed with how well she holds her crayons!
Coloring will entertain her for about 5 whole minutes!
This is a LONG time :)
I cannot get over how much more she is talking.
Every day it is more!!!
Repeating anything we say.
This week, she started saying,
"tank tue much"
I love it!!!
She will also say,
"Ansley, where are you?"
She is loving books!
Which I am really enjoying.
We read several books before bed.
And then she takes them to her crib.
I heard her the other night,
"reading" to herself in her bed.
She has been really sweet with Ansley lately.
Wanting to sit beside her.
And hugging her a lot.
Ansley has noticed the difference too!
And she loves it!!
We love you Livvy Kate!!


Halloween is not my favorite holiday.
I know... I know...
Everyone loves Halloween.
It just seems like a lot of work to me.
Add rain, and freezing temperatures,
and I am the parent that doesn't want to take the kids out!?
This Halloween was a bit CRAZY!?
Olivia had a darling butterfly costume.
She hated it.
So we borrowed the CUTEST octopus costume last minute.
It was a size 6-12 month, and just fit.
I added a bow, of course :)
Ansley was a pirate.
She wore her costume 3 days in a row.
Dance, school, and then trick-or-treating.
Amazingly it was still clean by Saturday night!?
After attempting to go the mall,
where ALL the stores were out of candy!?
We made the rounds in my parent's neighborhood.
It was a fun night.
But a little chaotic!

Trying to get a picture of the two of them is IMPOSSIBLE!?

See what I mean!?
Love this picture though.

At least Ansley was ready!!

Happy Halloween 2010!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pirate Island Birthday Celebration!

Instead of a big party for Ansley this year,
went to Pirate Island Pizza.
We had never been there before.
It was surpisingly fun!!
It was a nice low key evening with family.
Pirates, Presents, and Pizza!

Olivia enjoying her pirate hat.
Or not...
Clay and his girlfriends!
(Did I mention, Clay is HOME!? and in Utah!?)
Clay and Haley got Ansley a Barbie house!
She LOVES the thing!!


Grandma and Ansley!
Enjoying the yummy salad bar!