Thursday, July 30, 2009

6 Months!

My little Livvy is 6 months! Where has the time gone!? That is half a year! WOW! Yesterday she had her 6 month Dr.'s visit. I had planned to have my Mom come and watch Ansley while I took Olivia for her shots. So, yesterday morning my Mom comes over at 9:00 to watch Ansley, who just woke up and is still in her jammies. As I am walking out the door I tell my Mom that I am sad that Livvy has to get shots (because it is awful watching your baby get poked!). Ansley freaked out, like sobbing! She runs to the door and stands to where I cannot open it, and tells me that she doesn't want anyone to hurt her sister, and that she is NOT getting shots! All through sobs. She then proceeds to run to the car and buckle herself into her carseat in her nightgown! I ended up letting her come with me, and my Mom tagged along to help. On the way Ansley said what I think might just be the sweetest thing ever, "I wish I was Olivia so I could get the shots for her." How sweet is that!? What a good big sister!!!
The Doctor's appointment went fine, and Ansley left the room while we did the shots! Livvy barely cried, and actually grinned a the nurse after he was done.
She weighed in at 15lbs 12oz (47th percentile), 26 inches (60 percentile), and her head which I cannot remember the measurement for is finally in the 20th percentile! Dr. said she was doing well, and doing all that she should be at this age!
Liv is up on all fours, and scoots everwhere! She has started laughing a ton! And she has tried avocado, sweet potato, bananas, and apples, and was pretty unimpressed with all of them. She still likes mama's milk best- and that is fine with me!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I met with the doctor yesterday about my liver. He basically said that he just wants to watch the spot and see if it grows or not. I will be having an MRI in 3 months. He also wants to do a HYDA scan on my gallbladder, because he says my syptoms have to be caused from a diseased gallbladder, even though I have no stones. If I do have my gallbladder removed then they will do a biopsy of my liver spot since they will already be in there. He said that to remove the mass would be major and invasive surgery, so he doesn't want to go that route if he does not have to, as most of these things are pretty harmless... Not exactly what I was hoping for as we still don't have the most clear answers, but I feel at least some relief.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Never a dull moment!

Since most know, and it easier for some to keep up with us through my blog, I just wanted clue everyone in on what's going on around here. About 2 weeks ago I went in for an u/s to look for gall stones, and while my gallbladder looked good, they found a large mass on my liver. As of now, they do not know what the mass is. They do know that is big- bigger than they thought it was, at 8 cm. There are some ideas as to what it may be, the most likely one being a hepatic adenoma- you can google that one for more info, and it will probably have to be surgically removed. I was supposed to have an appoinment today with a specialist, but found out yesterday that they do not take my insurance (which is SO SO SO frustrating, because I want to know what this thing is growing inside of me, and more than anything, I want it OUT!), so it looks like I will be waiting ANOTHER week to see what is going on. Incase any one wanted to know, I do feel sick pretty much all time, I have pain in my liver a lot, and I am TIRED!!! So, that is what I know right now, I will keep everyone up to date!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Ansley...

Listen to what she just said to me:

"Mom, you were much prettier on your wedding day than you are today, because you wouldn't have wanted Curtis to think you are gross, right?


Thanks babe!

And she said:

"Heavenly Father isn't controlling the world very well today because it is SO hot outside!"

She always keeps us laughing!