Monday, January 31, 2011

We Love Haley and Clay

My sister is getting married!!!
My BABY sister!?
Pretty sure she isn't old enough.
After all,
we were just playing barbies last year.
Or so it seems :(
We are very excited for Clay "officially" to join our family though.
He has been around for nearly 4 years, and we kinda like him!!
The best part, according to Ansley:
"Lot of new little cousins!!"
I think they might wait a few years for babies.
So, in the meantime,
they make a great Aunt,
and Future Uncle.
(Even for their favorite borrowed nephews.
Baby A and G-Man!)
We love you Haley and Clay.
Looking forward to May 27th!!!!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Olivia Kate: Cookies and Milk Party

Olivia turned 2 and we had a party!!
I was super excited about a cookies and milk theme,
after seeing so many cute ideas floating around the blogisphere.
I love throwing parties!
Especially pink ones :)
I loved all the little details I was able to do with this theme.
The pink paper straws were my favorite part!!
I am so grateful for the many willing bakers that I had!!
And, all the party guests should be too-
considering everything I touched was ruined that day.
Happy Birthday Livvy Kate!!
Hope you enjoyed your birthday party.
(Or at least the party you stayed awake for.)
I am having major issues with blogger- so this is all backwards.
And I gave up!!?