Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ansley is 6!?

On October 16th Ansley turned 6!?
I cannot believe my little baby girl is 6!!
She is getting so grown-up!
Losing teeth.
Ballet lessons.
Talking about cute boys!?
It's all happening too fast!!

My beautiful toothless girl :)
She has now lost 3 teeth.
She still thinks visits from the tooth fairy are the best thing.
Well, that and her Barbie house she got for her birthday.
Aunt Haley did a good job!
She is still one spunky little Miss!!
Ansley loves strutting her stuff for the camera.
Or putting on a show for friends.
She models for us whenever she puts on a new outfit.
The shoulder action involved in her model walk is hilarious!
She loves to sing!
Her favorite food is pizza.
Or spaghetti.
She loves Wizards of Waverly Place.
And Hannah Montanta.
She is growing up too fast.
Ansley loves school.
She is starting to read!
She declares everyday is the best day she has ever had.
I love her great attitude about life!
I could not be more proud of the girl she is becoming!!
She is a great sister,
and daughter.
A wonderful friend.
And pretty cute too :)
We love you Ansley!!
We are so glad you are a part of our family!!
Happy 6th Birthday!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Ever since moving to Utah I have heard about Cornbelly's.
Somehow though, we hadn't ever made it there!
Fall break seemed liked the perfect opportunity to meet good friends,
for some fun at Cornbelly's!
It will definitely be a yearly tradition!!
Livvy was a little young for it, but Ansley had a blast!!
What a fun day it was!!
Thanks Brit, Kaylee and Ellie for the invitation!!
And for the pretty pictures :)

Livvy LOVED the big jumping pillows.
But, wouldn't venture too far on her own.
At one point she was toppled over by a little boy.
She didn't even cry!
I helped her bounce on the edge.
Ansley and her good friend Kaylee!
She calls the time that Kaylee lived a few doors down,
"the good ole days!"
We miss Kaylee and Ellie!!
(And Britney and Kevin too!)
Those were good days!!
Ansley had no problems jumping all on her own!!
That girl has endless energy it seems!

A better shot of the Ghost shirt, on my cute girl :)

Ansley and her early birthday present.
My girl turned 6 yesterday,
more on that to come.
But, she is suddenly Barbie obsessed.
Barbie enjoyed all the activities at Cornbelly's :)
I love fall in Utah.
And all the fun things there are here!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Girly Ghost Shirt

Livvy NEEDED a Halloween shirt :)
Ansley has 3 from last year, I didn't want Liv to feel left out after all.
I searched the mall for a cute one.
And left empty handed.
So, I made her a girly ghost one!
Copied from a Gap tee that they didn't have anymore.
I pretty much LOVE it.
And the best part:
It only took 1 hour it took to make!

Now, if I could just teach her to pose for the camera :)

Pink bow, pink hightop. Does it get any cuter than that??