Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's too soon, right!?

For Livvy to be pulling herself up that is!????

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Sorry for the lack of blog updates, we have been super busy wrapping up summer! Block parties, going away parties, and birthday parties having been filling my weeks!

Ansley starts ballet today, I am more excited than she is I think! She is taking a combo class of tap, jazz and ballet- I cannot wait to get her dressed in her leotard and tights, and do her hair!!! How cute is she going to be!? Her preschool starts in 2 weeks, this will be her 4th year... Gotta love that she misses the kindergarten cut off by just a month and a half. Of course, Ansley is still cracking us up with the funny things she says! Yesterday she told a friend that she looked pretty, but that she thinks a lot of things are pretty, because she is looking for the beauty all around her now, when the friend asked what that meant, she said that when she was in my tummy she had nothing to look at, so now she sees lots of pretty things! She also told us that Olivia does the "whale" trying to explain her crawling technique- Curtis said, "the whale, do you mean the worm?" She said, "yeah, I mean the worm."

Olivia is growing, and getting so much more personality by the day! She spent most of August with a cold that kept her pretty fussy, and me exhausted from long nights. Luckily, she is now feeling much better, and back to her happy little self! Like Ansley poitned out, she is still not really crawling, she is doing the worm. I know it really bugs her that she can't get around as quickly as she would like- but she is patient, and keeps trying!

I am hoping that once school starts back we will have a little more time for blogging!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Stella and Dot

I have a started a new business with an awesome jewelry company, Stella and Dot. Check out my website: www.stelladot.com/taylor

If you are interested in hosting a party let me know, or in becoming a stylist!