Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby L's Present

I love giving hand-made gifts. Especially little tiny pink ones! I had so much fun creating this set! The fabric was so fun- perfect for a summer baby. There are so many great craft blogs out there with wonderful ideas, it makes gift giving easy!
(I forgot to take pictures before wrapping the present- so I had to have the mommy-to-be's Mom take pictures at the shower.)

Heather Bailey's bitty bootie pattern, modified into mary-janes!
Tattered-rolled flowers are pretty much my favorite thing ever! And SO easy to make.
(I am trying to remember the blog I found the tutorial on- because you have to try them!)
I appliqued the front of the ruffle-butt onsie with an "L". And the onsie dress has a ruffle around the neck.
The doll is from a tutorial on
It is very simple, once you draw out the pattern. If anyone is interested I have a drawn out pattern I am willing to share. I made one for Ansley before making this one- and she loves it!

With my pretty Mom :)
I cannot wait to meet precious little "L"!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


A few new Ansley stories:

When asked by the dance photographer to smile with her teeth (at 5 she has decided that she doesn't like smiling with her teeth!?):
"I don't like smiling with my teeth, especially when they haven't been brushed!"
This was only slightly embarrassing!? She HAD brushed her teeth.

I had to put make-up on her for the dance pictures, and she looked in the mirror after I painstakingly applied eyeliner to her little eyes- yes I was proud:
"I look like a whole new me. All my friends will think I am a grown-up."

My very favorite-
I came down the stair one morning after getting ready for the day, and Ansley was on the couch eating a bowl of A1. Yes, she had poured herself a bowl of steak sauce for breakfast. I win mother of the year I am sure. To make it even more funny, she was watching HGTV. House Hunters. And proceeds to tell me:
"I really hope they choose the big house with the outdoor living space. It is the best one!"

Word Explosion!

Olivia is almost 15 months and has suddenly started saying SO many words. It is so much fun to hear new words everyday! We love watching her watch us talk, and trying to repeat what we say. Right now she can say:

Ansley (Anlee)
Haley (Halee- which she says more than anything else. Aunt Haley loves this. Really, we'll say, "say baby." "Halee." say ball." "Halee.")
Me me (when ever she wants something!)
All Done (which she signs, and sounds more like ah da- but it is cute)

I am sure she says more, but this is all I can think of right now.