Saturday, April 24, 2010


A few new Ansley stories:

When asked by the dance photographer to smile with her teeth (at 5 she has decided that she doesn't like smiling with her teeth!?):
"I don't like smiling with my teeth, especially when they haven't been brushed!"
This was only slightly embarrassing!? She HAD brushed her teeth.

I had to put make-up on her for the dance pictures, and she looked in the mirror after I painstakingly applied eyeliner to her little eyes- yes I was proud:
"I look like a whole new me. All my friends will think I am a grown-up."

My very favorite-
I came down the stair one morning after getting ready for the day, and Ansley was on the couch eating a bowl of A1. Yes, she had poured herself a bowl of steak sauce for breakfast. I win mother of the year I am sure. To make it even more funny, she was watching HGTV. House Hunters. And proceeds to tell me:
"I really hope they choose the big house with the outdoor living space. It is the best one!"


Heather Davies said...

LoL! She is ridiculous! I mean, come on how old is she?! :) So cute!

janie said...

love her

Devri said...

I miss you guys! That girl is awesome!

Anonymous said...

So I never read blogs anymore and here I am BORED at work and decide to log in, in an attempt to avoid stabbing myself in the eye.

WHAT DO I COME ACROSS? Laughter! Love her! Thanks for sharing!

Ju Ju said...

Thanks for the laugh Taylor, she is sure growing up.

Sarah said...

she is a riot and reminds me soooo much of Piper.

Britney Anglesey said...

That child cracks me up. Thanks for sharing. LOL!