Monday, July 9, 2012


Wow. It's been... MONTHS!? I think it's suffice to say that keeping up with 2 blogs isn't going to so well for me. I promise to catch up soon.
In the meantime, you can follow all my crafty endeavors over on
Some exciting things going on over there!! So, check it out.
And, I will be back here soon.
Happy Summer!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter 2012

Keeping with tradition I made the girls' dresses this year.
I used a new pattern that I absolutely love! For a full post about the dresses you can check out

The Easter bunny spoiled the girlies with all sorts of goodies!

After church we headed to The Larson's for Easter dinner, and an egg hunt.

Of course, Elaine prepared a wonderful meal. And all my sweet Ansley would eat was canned raviloli... Notice the slight red around her mouth!? Children...
After dinner the kids had a little egg hunt. We didn't notice that Olivia went missing for about 5 minutes before we could gather all the kids. Little stinker was outside gathering eggs. Lots and lots of eggs. Hehe.

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday!

Monday, April 16, 2012


In March we went to California with Curtis' parents and stayed with his brother and sister in law. It was the best vacation we've had as a family! We had a blast with them. The kids played so well together! Renee and I had a great time cooking together, and shopping!
We took the girls to Disney the first part of the trip. They loved every minute. Me, not as much. I know, I am the crazy who just isn't a Disney fan. Watching the kids faces light up though, totally worth the crowds, the lines and the expense. I didn't want to bothered with my big camera, so here are a few phone shots. Lame. I really am regretting not taking the actual camera. Live and learn.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I have been thinking a lot about how truly blessed we are lately.

How grateful I am for the gospel. To have the truth. And an eternal family.
For a wonderful, hardworking, patient, supportive and loving husband.
Who is a fabulous, attentive father to our beautiful daughters. Sweet little girls, that want to do what is right.
I feel so blessed to be their mother.

For a family who loves us. Is interested in our lives, and our children. I know they would do anything for us.

Friends who are always there. Friends who check on us. Pray for us, and uplift us.

I feel so blessed to live in a beautiful home. That I get to decorate and make our own. To make a safe haven for our family.

We are lucky.
I never want to forget that.

A few weeks ago we took Olivia to the cardiologist, for an EKG and an Echo.
She has a soft murmur her pediatrician wanted to have looked at. While I really felt peace about it from the beginning, it is hard not to let your mind wander to the
”what if.”
Olivia ended up being perfectly fine.
And, had she not been, I know that would have worked out too. We are blessed to live in a time with great medical care. How lucky we are!

I recently spent a week in Florida with my Grandmother. It was such a blessing to be able to go. To leave my children in capable hands, and spend time with her. I am so grateful for that precious time. I don't know that I will see her again- or that if I do she'll remember me. But, I know that if even for moments that trip, she did. Such a blessing that week was.

I want to remember always to count my blessings.

All the phone pictures.

The last few weeks feel like a blur. They have gone by berry quickly. The kind of weeks where I don't think I am that busy, but the week is over before I know it. Here are few phone pics from the last few weeks! (Livvy's hair is getting long! And Ansley had a dance performance.)

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Plum Verbena Blog!

Go check out the blog!! It is up and running. I am super excited about posting all my crafty projects over there!!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Craft room overhaul.
Chalkboard love.
Entertaining Livvy with quick crowns and bracelets.
The perfect pincushion.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Olivia Kate: 3 years

Olivia Kate turned 3 on January 28th.
I was in Florida :(
Talk about Mom guilt.
I was with my Grandma, exactly where I needed to be.
But, I still feel a little badly about it.
Curtis made sure she had a little family party,
and did a great job making her feel loved in my absence.

Here are a few things about Olivia at 3:
She is the most loving child I know. Full of hugs and kisses. And "I love yous".
She is FULLY potty trained!!! It suddenly clicked.
She is the best eater. She loves all foods. Truly, from fish to curry to spinach.
She is a talker. Great at communicating her needs/wants.
She is a total girl. Loves sparkles. Sequins. Tutus. And pink.
She only wants to wear dresses. The fancier the better.
She loves to draw and color. She draws a very cute little stick person.
She loves playing with her cousins and friends.
She still loves Ansley the most.
She is still obsessed with my elbow. Will it ever end!?
She loves her babies, shopping cart, stroller and purses.
She loves to dance and sing.

3 year stats:
29 pounds (25th percentile)
37 inches (50th percentile)
I knew she had a growth spurt! My girl is getting tall!!

We love you Olivia Kate.
We cannot imagine life without you.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Uh oh.

My resolutions are failing.
Between January sickness,
And a last minute trip to FL I am not doing too well.
February is my month.
Our new treadmill is calling my name.
Healthy recipes to try.
And life to blog about.
It's ok to just try again right?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love is in the air.

January is not my favorite month.
It's cold.
It seems long and borning after the holiday hustle and bustle.
And, living out in the middle of nowhere,
it is somehow even worse.
Boredom has hit a new low.
Valentines decorations went up almost as soon as Christmas came down.
I am sure I will add to this,
as the cold continues on...

New wreath I made this year.
My old wreath wasn't in good shape.
And, I hade all this stuff laying around.
I need to switch out the mustard lace still,
but it works for now.

I really junked it up :)
It's my Valentine's theme this year.
LOTS and LOTS of details.

Linen and doilies make me happy.

These little heart pillows have a story.
The darling florist we used for my sister's wedding had little pillows like this.
They were hung on her staircase,
and I loved them!!
I have thought about them since last Valentines day.
She was sweet enough to send me a picture of them a few weeks ago.
I got right to work.
Hearts aren't easy to sew.
Ignore the lumpiness...
I just love them,
and can't wait to put little love notes in them for my girls.
(I will wait until February for that though.)

The infamous "tree".
Are you getting sick of it yet??
I printed little vintage Valentine images on cardstock,
then I embellised them with rickrack, lace, and rhinestones.

I think I am becoming addicted to Holiday decor.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Fall Family Pictures

I am one of thoses crazies who loves having family pictures done.
I love planning what we are going to wear.
Finding a cool location (or giving my favorite photographer, Triana, that job.)
The only bad part:
Fighting with my little ladies to smile for the camera.
So, this year as we were getting in the car to meet for our mini photo session,
on a cold, drizzly morning (aren't they always when we do photos!?)
Ansley stared to complain.
"I don't want to take photos. I hate taking pictures.
It's going to be cold.
It isn't fun.."
You know the typical 7 year old. Or 33 year old. No names...
I chose to ignore this when Livvy piped up.
"Ansley, WE do not act this way.
WE are nice girls.
We LOVE having our picture taken."
Glad someone listens to my pep talks :)

I am happy to report that the pictures went amazingly well.
We were done in 20 minutes,
with 150 images.
Yes it was cold,
yes it was wet.
But, there were SMILES!!
And no complaints.
Mommy was a happy lady.

Here are a few of my favorites from our fall shoot!!
Thanks again Triana.
We LOVE them.
(so much I even got a few printed... I said I like having pictures taken,
never said I actually printed them!? Working on it...)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tiny Dancer

One of the incentives we used for potty training was dance class.
You have to be potty trained to go.
After several months she is 95% trained.
(Why are my kids to stubborn!? Anyone with any book suggestions, please share!!
we are still working on this, good days and bad.)
She started last week.
We signed her up for the class with her cousin Jordyn, who is 6 months older,
and has been taking since the fall.
Livvy was very shy and scared when she got there,
and I was so afraid she wouldn't stay.
But, as soon as Jordyn got there she perked right up.
Jordyn took her hand,
and led her to her flower.
As I turned to leave I spotted these cute little girls still holding hands.
I snapped a picture really quickly with my phone.
I love these sweet little cousins.

Christmas Part 3: Christmas Day

Santa came.
Of course, spoiling the little girlies.
Livvy's reaction was priceless.
I wish I could describe it,
luckily we have it on video, which I will post soon.

Livvy asked for a shopping cart.
Over and over and over again.
Santa delivered.

But, Livvy didn't even notice.
She wanted to make sure Ansley saw her Barbie house.
Complete with an elevator.
They are such sweet sisters.

Livvy's face looked this surprised all morning.
I love the excitement.
It's so much fun, and so short lived.

Opening a card from Grandma and Grandpa Larson.
While wearing several new hair things from her stocking.

Chef Livvy.
Thanks Preston and Katy!
She looks like a pro while cooking in her kitchen.
And super cute :)

Livvy did notice her shopping cart eventually.
And then packed it full of every gift.

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year!
Full of family, food, and lots of fun!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have never made a New Years Resolution.
Haven't ever wanted to set myself up for failure.
But, I am feeling very commited, and motivated at the start of this New Year,
and thought I would make a couple.
I am pretty sure they are all the normal ones.
Those are always the good ones anyway.

Eat Clean. Curtis and I have made this resolution together. This is a lifestyle change.
We typically eat pretty healthily, but we are taking it to the extreme.
I honestly couldn't be more excited about it!! I have done a lot of research,
and I am really loving the Paleo diet plan. 2 days in 2012, we are doing awesome.

Exercise. When Haley and I attended TOFW in the fall we both left wanting to run a marathon.
I know.... Hahahahaha. Yeah. I am laughing too.
I am starting small on this one. I am just going to work out 5 days a week.
20 min. a day, and I will build up from there.
If I can work out this month from home like I plan to, next month I will join the gym.
That sounds like I am already planning to fail.
But, truely, I am commited. 2012 is the year I am getting back in shape!!
(And maybe running a 5k. hehe. Baby steps.)

Blog more. I want to document our life.
Take more pictures. Actually get them ONTO the computer. My Dad has challenged
me to blog weekly. Seems doable right?
So, Dad this ones for you! You better keep reading, this could really get good :)

Serve. I feel like I used to do more service than I do now.
I want to work on that. Each week I am going to try and do more service.

So, that's it.
I figure if I wrote them down, maybe I would feel more accountable.
I will try and keep you updated on my progress.
You know, since I will be blogging more.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas: Part 2

Christmas Eve.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve with all the family.
It was wonderful to have everyone there to celebrate.
The kids (mostly) made a delicious dinner of beef tenderloin (Pioneer Woman! Yum!),
famous mushrooms (a beloved family recipe, and Ansley's request),
and the fanciest salad ever, roasted beet and carrot, prepared by Preston.
Our resident chef.

After our dinner,
we read the Christmas story.
Of course, getting the girlies (mostly the little one) to sit still was challenging.
But, in the end, everyone took a turn reading.
We then watched a few videos.
Livvy thought baby Jesus was "so cute".

 Christmas Jammies!!
A Grubbs' family tradition.

Writing Santa a letter.
She made sure to ask for a note back.
Santa delivered :)
Leaving cookies and carrots.

It was so fun to share this sweet moment with my siblings.
I love the way they all love my girls.
I am grateful for loving Aunts and Uncles!!

Christmas Day to come.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas: Part 1

The part documented on my phone.
We celebrated Christmas with my family this year. And had a wonderful time. My brother Preston and his wife Katy were in town from ATL. It is always fun having them here!
They are also the most thoughtful gift givers in the family. Really, it is inspiring me to start planning gifts for next year now! I want it documented, Katy's gift made my parents cry. So, maybe my Mom shed a tear or 2 with our group gift too, but Katy's family recipe cookbook, complete with family pictures from our childhood took the cake.
We drew names this year. The guys drew a guy, girls drew a girl. Katy had my name. Once again sweetest present ever. A few weeks (ok maybe days) before their trip Preston texted me asking for silhouette pictures of my girls, for a school project. I didn't suspect a thing. They made the CUTEST silhouettes of my girls. I live them!! Thanks Preston and Katy!!
More Christmas to come. Including the Christmas video Katy is doing. Which will be awesome.