Monday, March 12, 2012


I have been thinking a lot about how truly blessed we are lately.

How grateful I am for the gospel. To have the truth. And an eternal family.
For a wonderful, hardworking, patient, supportive and loving husband.
Who is a fabulous, attentive father to our beautiful daughters. Sweet little girls, that want to do what is right.
I feel so blessed to be their mother.

For a family who loves us. Is interested in our lives, and our children. I know they would do anything for us.

Friends who are always there. Friends who check on us. Pray for us, and uplift us.

I feel so blessed to live in a beautiful home. That I get to decorate and make our own. To make a safe haven for our family.

We are lucky.
I never want to forget that.

A few weeks ago we took Olivia to the cardiologist, for an EKG and an Echo.
She has a soft murmur her pediatrician wanted to have looked at. While I really felt peace about it from the beginning, it is hard not to let your mind wander to the
”what if.”
Olivia ended up being perfectly fine.
And, had she not been, I know that would have worked out too. We are blessed to live in a time with great medical care. How lucky we are!

I recently spent a week in Florida with my Grandmother. It was such a blessing to be able to go. To leave my children in capable hands, and spend time with her. I am so grateful for that precious time. I don't know that I will see her again- or that if I do she'll remember me. But, I know that if even for moments that trip, she did. Such a blessing that week was.

I want to remember always to count my blessings.