Saturday, November 8, 2008

Poor Ansley

My sweet girl has been one sick baby. She had a very fussy week, she wouldn't eat, whined and cried a lot, and was tired. Well, she woke up Thursday morning with a stomach bug. After her 5th trip to the bathroom in about 20 minutes, she says, "This is a day I just need to forget!" It was so sad, and funny. She would leave the bathroom and collapse on the floor- for anyone who knows Ansley this is very out of character for her. At point she said, "why does this keep happening to me, I didn't drink the bath water." I have to explain that this summer we thought she may have had Krypto- or whatever that thing is called that you get from swimming pools, and my friend was explaining to me that you can keep giving it back to yourself through bath water... Sorry, if this is a gross post, I just thought the things she said were so funny, I had to write them down so I would remember. She was better Friday, and now is sick again today. She fell asleep at 5:30- we are crossing our fingers that she will sleep through the night! I hope my girl is better next week!!!