Monday, December 8, 2008

Ansley Birthday!

On October 16th Ansley turned 4! Curtis' Mom and Sister Courtney came to see Ansley for the day. Ashlee and Renee joined us as well. Per Ansley's request we had lunch at Carrabas. One of her favorites, since I figured no one else would want to eat at Taco Bell (she is so my child!). We had a great time seeing cousins, baby Jordyn had grown a lot since we had last seen her. Ansley got lots of presents! Thanks everyone again for coming it, we had a great time!

Aunt Renee with baby Jordyn and Apri!
Ansley and her princess card!

Apri was having a good time for sure!

More presents! Which by the way Renee, we are having an etiquette lesson on, Ansley told Renee that clothes are a boring gift! Don't feel too bad though, she told her Aunt Katy and Uncle Preston the same thing! We are working on it! And we all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE clothes!

Everyone but Ashlee. I don't know how she managed to escape pictures! Oh, I guess Ansley is missing too...

Better late than never....

I am playing catch up with some pictures. I finally took them off my camera, from September/October. Just a bit late...
In late September we went to the Circus in Salt Lake City with Curtis' parents, and Brother Wayne, his wife Renee, and Apri. Although the show as a bit longer than we expected we had a great time.

The elephants were my favorite part. There was a baby elephant that even skipped. SO CUTE!

Being as paranoid as I am about hieghts, I was terrified the whole time that some little kid was going to fall over the edge of the balcony. I wish I were kidding, my palms were literally sweating the whole time...

Curtis' Mom and Dad, Ansley, Wayne and Apri.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Olivia will be here in 6-7 weeks!!!!

As you know, this has been a rough pregnancy for me, I was sick for so long, and then I have had constant back pain, and now to top it all off I have been diagnosed with a very rare pregnancy induced liver disease called ICP. It starts with itchy palms and soles of the feet, and slowly the itch spreads everywhere else. This started the day after Thanksgiving, and I thought I was going to lose my mind! Curtis definitely thought I was crazy, but I had a friend who had ICP, and had told me about it, so I googled it to find more information and immediately called my Doctor. I feel very blessed to have been able to catch it right away, because it is life threatening to the baby. My Doctor ran tests on Monday, and now it looks like we will be inducing at 36 weeks, if the lungs are mature (yippee for an amnio... :( right!?) or 37 weeks otherwise, as the further you get the more risk there is for baby! It has really made me realize though, how very blessed I am, and how Heavenly Father's hand really is in our lives. Had I not met this friend recently, I would not have even known about this, and something could have happened to our precious little Olivia! And, hey, now I don't have to worry about all those newborn clothes that I had bought going to waste thinking I would most likely have a 9 pound baby! Okay, I am reaching there, but I am trying to count ALL my blessings...
So, now I off to do the 40 million things left I have to do before Livvy gets here, 10 weeks seems like a lot longer than 6! And I haven't even started the nursery. Better get going on that!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Poor Ansley

My sweet girl has been one sick baby. She had a very fussy week, she wouldn't eat, whined and cried a lot, and was tired. Well, she woke up Thursday morning with a stomach bug. After her 5th trip to the bathroom in about 20 minutes, she says, "This is a day I just need to forget!" It was so sad, and funny. She would leave the bathroom and collapse on the floor- for anyone who knows Ansley this is very out of character for her. At point she said, "why does this keep happening to me, I didn't drink the bath water." I have to explain that this summer we thought she may have had Krypto- or whatever that thing is called that you get from swimming pools, and my friend was explaining to me that you can keep giving it back to yourself through bath water... Sorry, if this is a gross post, I just thought the things she said were so funny, I had to write them down so I would remember. She was better Friday, and now is sick again today. She fell asleep at 5:30- we are crossing our fingers that she will sleep through the night! I hope my girl is better next week!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Kitchen...

Ansley turned 4 on Thursday. I cannot believe my baby is 4! For her birthday I had to get her this new kitchen from Target. Yes, she already had a kitchen, but not one that matched her room as well as this one, and I am THAT crazy... Since Curtis is out of town, my friend Emily offered to help put the kitchen together with me. I mean, how hard can it be right!? Let's just say if Emily had not have been there I would still be doing it. If I can ever review this thing on I have a lot to say!!! Just a word of advice for anyone looking at kitchen purchases- buy a pre-assembled plastic one! Or at least make sure your husband is around to help you put it together.
Here I am at the beginning. This was "pre-assembly", only like 17 steps of that...

And here is Emily, she was having a GREAT time! Can you tell!?

Half way there! By the way Curtis, you are never leaving town again without putting the birthday presents together!

Look how cute it is though!? Totally worth it!? I am still deciding. I'll let you know when my hand is fully recovered from the craziness that was the teeny tiny screws, and my inexperience with a screw driver or an electric drill... And I don't know what is on my shirt! It's bugging me though.

Thanks Emily! I owe you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Date Night

My Mom was kind enough to watch Ansley for us last Friday night so Curtis and I could go on a much needed date night! We went to Salt Lake City to Ruth's Chris steak house- which by the way is FABULOUS! We both ate WAY too much, but enjoyed every bite. If you have never been there, I highly recommend it for a special occasion (we decided since I was so sick on our anniversary that we would celebrate it later when I was feeling better, so this is why we went). It is pricey, but worth every penny!

Anyway, no sooner did we leave the house when we get a call from my Mom. She proceeds to tell us the funniest story about Ansley. She said she and Ansley were talking, and Ansley looks at her, and says, "It's almost time for you to die." My Mom says, "What, why!?" She says, "Well, your getting old, have you looked in the mirror lately?" My Mom is trying not to laugh at this point, or cry, and Ansley goes on, "You have little wrinkles all over you."

I was telling Curtis later on the drive home how nice it is to have free babysitting for a change, and he says, "Yeah, if we haven't lost our babysitter after that comment."

When we got home, my Mom tells me that later Ansley pointed out all of her wrinkles!!! Luckily, my Mom isn't sensitive, and she found this funny instead! And, by the way, my Mom is beautiful, and she looks wonderful for her age!

Monday, October 6, 2008

BIG news!

I haven't posted this yet, and some may know, but others don't. So, here it goes, my parents officially live in Utah! I cannot believe it. It all happened so fast. They came out in August to bring my sister to school, and next thing we know they are moving here. My Dad got a great job offer!!! I am SO excited to have them close. I never thought it would happen. My Mom and brother Carter got here Saturday, my Dad had been here about 2 weeks. They don't have a place to live yet, so much house hunting is in store this week...

Also, we have chosen a name for this baby girl. Thanks for all the vote! She will Olivia Kate. I put the poll up to "prove" to Curtis it was the best name for our girl. Glad it worked it out... I love it, and Ansley tells everyone about her sister, Olivia Kate. She uses both names every time! And if I call her Livvy for short, she quickly corrects me!

We also have snow on the mountains. I love fall in Utah!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Husband Tag

I got this from my Sister-in-Law's blog, and I just know how much Curtis loves this sort of thing... Um, like not at all! But, I thought it was cute!!!

1. His name: Curtis Val Larson

2. Who eats more? Curtis, most days anyway! I have been getting a lot more hungry lately though...

3. Who said "I love you" first? Curtis I think. But, I said it right back.

4. Who is taller? Curtis- he is 6'3", and I am 5'9".

5. Who is smarter? I am! Just kidding. He is very smart!

6. Who is more sensitive? I am, and BY FAR!

7. Who does the laundry? Lately, it's all Curtis. It used to always be me, but since I have been pregnant it has been him. Now that I am feeling better though I have been doing it some!

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Curtis

9. Who pays the bills? Curtis, and thank goodness!

10. Who cooks more? I do!

11. What meals do you cook together? We don't really cook together. Curtis helps with dinner if I need him to, but we are not typically in the kitchen together. He does the dishes, I cook. It works nicely!

12. Who is more stubborn? I would say I am, because I am really stubborn, but I think that when Curtis really wants something is very stubborn. This just doesn't happen very much at all!

13. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? See, Curtis will tell you he is never wrong, so I guess I am the first to admit I am wrong. Lol...

14. Who has more siblings? He does, he has me beat by 1!

15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? I think we both have a leg in.

16. What do you like to do together? We like to shop (I think he likes it as much as I do, really!), go out to eat, spend time with Ansley, honestly, I love being with him just doing whatever!

17. Who eats more sweets? I think he does, but he would tell you I do.

18. Guilty pleasures? UFC!? I don't know, I don't think he feels to guilty about this. Probably watching all my "girl" shows with me, because I KNOW he loves them! He just won't admit it!

19. How did you meet? We met on LDS Planet! Yep, so if you did not know, now you do, and you can tease us! We talked for about a month and half before he came out to see me. I made my friend Kim take me to the airport to meet him, just in case he was crazy- because you just never know...

20. Who asked who out first? I don't know if this really applies to us, I did contact him first. I sent him an e-mail.

21. Who kissed who first? He kissed me. No way was I kissing him first!

22. Who proposed? Well, Curtis casually mentioned to me that he was ring shopping one day on the phone, so I started looking at rings, just to show him what I liked. We knew we were getting married, and I knew when he purchased the ring. I think I ruined his proposal plan though by getting sick when I came to visit him here in Utah. I was in bed for days- like 5 of them- and he never had a chance to do something romantic. He ended up giving me it to me in the Taco Bell parking lot, facing Nordstroms, which was fine by me, because these are 2 of my favorite places after all!

23. His best features? I love his shoulders and his arms!

24. What are his greatest qualities? Curtis has so many amazing qualities, it is hard to name just one. And I am not trying to sound sappy here. He is so kind, and he such an amazing Dad to Ansley (and it is not easy becoming an instant Dad to a 2 year old). He is such a hard worker. He is just a strong person, I always feel so safe with him!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The funny things she says...

I have got write down a few of the funny things Ansley has said, before I forget!

The other night we had my sister and her friend for dinner, after dinner while we were all talking, Ansley decided she would take our desert order, and go prepare it upstairs, she "writes" it down, and then says, "Okay, I be back with that in a JIPPY!" It was so so cute!

Then yesterday morning, when I was not wanting to get out of bed, and trying to convince my child that she should play hooky from school (this is sad, I know!!), she looks at me and says, "Mom, you have to get up and take me to school, Mrs. Courtney will help you feel better, she knows EVERYTHING!" It was so cute! She loves her teacher!

So, when I picked her up from school that afternoon- because yes I did take her, Mrs. Courtney told me the cutest story. Ansley was trying to remember what it was like in Florida, and she was concentrating pretty hard, and Mrs. Courtney asked her what she was thinking, she say, "I am just trying to remember the POT-handle!" We lived in the PAN-handle! I thought that was pretty smart, and pretty funny...

I know there are so many more, I need to write them down sooner!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Pictures!

We went up Provo Canyon this weekend and had some wonderful pictures taken! I am so happy with the way they turned out. We were so lucky to have an amazing photographer!!! I cannot wait to see the rest of them, but here is a link to her blog for a little preview!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Day of School! Preschool that is...

Okay, funny story, and I blame it on pregnancy brain! I thought school started on a Tuesday, so we went to bed early Monday night, got up bright and early the next day, I got Ansley all dressed for school, and walked to the teacher's house (one block over). Her garage door was down, which she told us would be up, and that was where we were supposed to drop the kids off. I go back to my house, look at the back to school packet, there was no start date written. I head back over to the teachers house... I knocked on her door- and sure enough school does not start until THURSDAY! I was so embarrassed! But, it was a good trial run, right!?

These pictures are from the actual first day of school! Ansley LOVES her school! Everyday she comes home to tell me about what she learned. She is also singing the cutest songs she learns at school. It's so fun to see her learn new things!

Haley's Dorm!!!

I think she has the cutest dorm on campus! I may be a little biased, but it did turn out really well. I am proud to say that my Mom, Haley and I made the bedding! It was so fun to see it come together. We also found lots of cute stuff at Thai Pan, Rod Works, and Ikea! I think I shopped more that week than I have in the past 3 months!

I have loved having my sister close! Ansley thinks she needs to come with us everywhere we go. We will go to lunch somewhere, and she will say, "where is Aunt Haley, she sure is late!" when in reality Haley is in class, and not coming at all!

Elder George

Haley's boyfriend left on a mission about a month ago. He will be serving in the Houston South Spanish Speaking mission. We are so proud of his willingness to serve the Lord! We know that he will be a wonderful missionary! Curtis, Ansley and I had dinner with him and his parents at California Pizza Kitchen the night before he entered the MTC. It was hard to say goodbye, but we know he is doing the right thing! Ansley misses her "boyfriend", as she calls him- she has always LOVED Clay! When Haley first started dating him we were living with my parents. She would always say things like, "I sure hope Clay likes my dress..." It was very sweet. Ansley loves writing to Clay often, and send him pictures she draws. She loves "her" missionary- and we know she will wait for him!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!!!

We are in shock! Lol... We thought it would be a boy for sure! I am so excited to have another girl though. Ansley is so happy, she kept saying, "I got what I wanted! A baby sister. Daddy didn't get what he wanted!" It was pretty sad for Curtis. He is happy to have a girl, but I know he is slightly disappointed it's not a boy. There's always next time...

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I haven't blogged in forever. Sorry. I am feeling better, not 100% but, better, and starting to get a little belly. Maybe I will be brave and post some pictures of that soon! Lol. AND today I got my gender ultra sound scheduled for 2 weeks from now!!! I am so excited. So, on September 16th we will find out if this little one is a boy or girl! I am thinking boy, but I don't really know for sure. Any guesses? I have tons of pictures from this summer that I need to put up ASAP!

And in case any one was wondering, we are not going to be moving to Scotland. It is just not for us right now.

Monday, August 4, 2008

It is good to be home!

We have actually been home a week, but it has taken me that long to recover from the trip. I wish I could say that we had a wonderful visit to Scotland, however, I am not going to lie, for me, it was anything but. Word to the wise, if you have morning sickness, AT ALL, do not fly! I repeat do not fly! Especially over seas, it just isn't worth it. After the very long dreadful flight, we arrived in Aberdeen only to find out that our luggage had not arrived. No big deal right, they tell us that it will probably arrive by the afternoon. So, we had to Aviemore, a resort community about an hour and half from Aberdeen, where Curtis has meeting for a few days. Driving was a little scary, and I think we were almost at least 3 times, on that drive. But, Curtis did get us there safely. The next 2 days were painfully long, as Curtis spent the days in meetings, and I spent the days laying bed, ordering room service that never came quickly enough to ward off the nausea, and adjusting to the time change. Oh, and we still had NO luggage. Finally on the middle of the 3rd day our luggage arrives, I was never so excited to see those red bags in my life! I think I spent 30 minutes applying my make-up- because it was there, and I could. I did manage to make it out of the room for dinner that night! We left the next morning to drive to Sterling, to see a castle. We stayed in the beautiful hotel pictures below. It was SO nice! Which was good, because I wanted to do nothing but stay in the room. Curtis would drive to the Castles, or monuments, or whatever other tourist attraction he could find, and I would sit in the car sick, sick, sick, while he would go look at it, and take tons of pictures. It was awful. I just could not do all the walking though, and I was so scared of getting sick at any minute... Anyway, we made it to Aberdeen on a Friday. I was beginning to get adjusted to the time change at this point. So, we were able to get out and walk around there. Everything in Aberdeen was gray! Everything, the sky, the granite buildings, everything! It is a really cool city though. The next day we drove around to the surrounding areas to check out where we may want to live. I have to tell you though, at this point I was totally against moving there. We found a lovely area, called West Hill. It is about 10 minutes outside of Aberdeen, and a very nice area. Nice homes, good school, several nice Grocery Stores, A COSTCO!!!!, and a small shopping area. We did decide that if we do move, it will be to West Hill. We went to church on Sunday, the ward is small, but everyone was so so nice. I think every person there shook our hand and introduced themselves. We met a very nice family in the ward, who had us to dinner that night, and tried there hardest to convice how wonderful Scotland is! They have been there 3 years, and they love it. They did a pretty good job, because I must say, I felt a lot better about it after leaving their house. We flew out the next morning, and if I thought the plane ride coming was bad, the plane ride going was MUCH worse. I had to get a wheelchair when we landed in the US. Yes, a wheel chair! It was so sad, I think Curtis was pretty embarrased. But, we did get right the customs! Lol... Then we had another flight to make it to Salt Lake, and then a shuttle ride home, and wouldn't you know, we got caught in traffic, stuck at every light, and we were the last stop on the route! We made it though, I begged Curtis to take me to the ER for IV Fluids because I was so severely dehydrated, but he did not. I slept for 12 hours straight instead. We have been home a week, and I am finally starting to feel a little better. I am glad that I went, I am glad that it is over, and I am even more glad to be HOME! Oh, Scotland is beautiful though, and I am sure it is a wonderful place to visit when you are not 11 weeks pregnant!

I have a lot more pictures to come. I still have my camera, and a lot of pictures off Curtis'. So, more slideshows to come!

A few Scotland Pictures...

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Thanks for all the morning sickness (aka all day long sickness) remedies. I should have added that I am already on Zofran, and it isn't touching this.... The good news is this too shall pass. And Curtis will be home in a week! I cannot wait to see him, and I am pretty sure I will just feel better once he gets here. Then, bright and early Sunday morning we head to Scotland for a week! We will be celebrating our one year anniversary there! A year! Time sure has flown by! Thanks again for the congrats, and suggestions!

Monday, July 7, 2008


I have been a bad blogger as of late, because of some good news! We are expecting baby #2 in February. But, morning sickness has been kicking my butt (why they call it morning sickness when it lasts all day long I will never know!). It has been horrible though! AND Curtis has been out of town for over a week, and will be out of town for another two. I have been very lucky to have his family here to take care of me, and Ansley. I spent the week at their house, and now my MIL is home with me for a few days. So, if anybody has any remedies for morning sickness do share, because I am dying here! I did not have this with Ansley at all!

In other good news, Curtis and I are going to Scotland at the end of July for an all expense paid business trip! I am so excited. We will actually be checking out Scotland, as there is a possibility that we will be moving there after the baby comes! So, lots of exciting things at our house!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ansley is still funny...

She is always cracking us up. Lately she has been very concerned with marriage, and she keeps telling us that she doesn't want to get married because then she won't be able to live with Mommy and Daddy anymore, which is VERY upsetting to her. She usuallys starts crying when she realizes this. Silly girl, this is years away.

This morning though, Ansley and I are laying on the couch, and she looks up and says, "Thank you Heavenly Father for what you have done to me." I just looked at her a mintute and smiled, and then she says, "Thank you Heavenly Father for what you have done to Mommy." I said, "What are you thankful for?" She said, "Well, he gave you a mouth so you can talk, a nose so you can smell, eyes so you can see, oh, and eyebrows, so you don't look funny!" Oh the things she says...

I promise new pictures are coming soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back in UTAH!!!

We are back from our trip to Florida. We got home last Thursday early, but we left for Roosevelt, Utah on Friday to see Curtis' parents. So, we are now unpacked, the house is cleaned, and the groceries are bought- and I have a chance for a little update.

Preston's wedding was wonderful. Ansley made a very sweet little flower girl if I don't say so myself. She didn't actually throw any petals (even though the aisle was forever long!) until she sat down with Grandma, then she starts throwing a few as Katy is walking down the aisle. She even throws them at the train of Katy's dress, and when one goes under, she lifted the train to remove it! The ceremony was beautiful, although long, (sorry Preston and Katy- it was long...), and Ansley got a little impatient, and decided she would do better sitting on Preston's lap (I was across the room from her, as I was a bridesmaid, therefore she was sitting with Grandma, who had little control!). So midway through Ansley is sitting on the GROOM'S lap. Then she moved to Katy's! They just kept going, and Ansley was quiet. She did move and sit in their chair alone when it was time for them to do something else.... The reception was awesome, great food, music, and a beautiful view. It was a wonderful day, and we are so happy for the newlyweds! I will share pictures soon, well at least the few I took.

I will update more about our weekend with the Larson Family next time, as soon as I get my pics on the computer.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

And the fun continues...

We are still in Florida, which has been wonderful, but a little stressful, as I think most visits home for long periods of time can become. We miss Utah! Which I never thought I would say, as it was so hard to move from my family, but I miss my quiet life, and my CAR!

Anyway, we have had fun laying out by the pool, however, Tuesday was not so fun! My little sister and I were outside (I was trying to catch my back up to my front, I never flip over enough....), Ansley was swimming away, (only a child can get in the water as it's way to cold for anybody that notices that sort of thing!), I come inside to order a pizza for lunch. Haley comes running in telling me that Ansley has eaten a berry. No big deal, right!? Just to be sure I hop on the computer to check out the poisonous berries list. A few names sound familiar. I call my Mom, tell her, she's about 5 minutes away, and says she will identify the bush as soon as she gets there. It's Lantana she tells me. I get back on google, and FREAK out! Lantana= possibly Fatal!!!! OH MY GOSH! I cannot even explain how paranoid I was! I call my old ped. while my Mom is calling poison control, poison control says to get her to the ER immediately! Ansley is crying, and telling us she doesn't want to go... I quickly change her, throw my bathing suit cover up, a hat, and we head to Gulf Coast Hospital. Ansley then tells me that she only chewed the berry, and then spit it out- this does comfort me a little. We get the the ER, and they take us very quickly, thank goodness! The nurse checking us in tells us that Lantana is no big deal, and she'll be fine. Um, okay, then why did Google scare me to death!? Ansley still has no symptoms, and it had been about 35 mintues. So, we get the little room to wait for the Doc. Wait about 20 minutes, finally the Doc comes in feels her tummy, talks to her a few seconds, tells us to hang tight and he'll be right back. He comes back, pokes his head in the door, and says, and I quote "4 hours, starting now!" I am like excuse me? He says, "I need to watch her 4 hours. Hopefully the TV works, and she can watch some cartoons!" Okay... I am in my swimsuit, Ansley is running around like she always does, and we haven't eaten all day, sure no problem, 4 hours....... My parents went on a food and clothes run, while Ansley and I watched Sponge Bob. In those 4 hours the nurse, not the doctor came in once to check on her. ONE TIME! They released us 30 minutes early... I am SO glad my baby is okay, don't get me wrong, it was REALLY scary! BUT, I am a little upset about the whole ER thing, as I don't know that the Doctors there even knew what to do about Lantana berries. The Doctor told us that he was looking it up!? That's scary, as this is a common plant in the south, and all over so many people's yard, and is a potentially very dangerous plant! Ansley was giving a blessing before we left for the hospital, and I really think that this was vital, because poison control told us that the least amount of this berry was very dangerous! So, check out your backyards (this plant is evidently more common in the south)!

On another note, Haley is a Highschool grad! We are so proud of her!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Haley's Senior Prom!

I cannot figure out how to put this in the other post, so I just thought I would add it up here. I was REALLY proud of Haley for wanting a modest dress this year. She looked beautiful! Her boyfriend, Clay, also looked very handsome in his matching tux! They were so cute. I cannot believe she will be graduating in about a week... I am so excited that she will be coming out to BYU this fall though, and we will only live 10 minutes apart! I cannot wait for her to experience real snow, so she knows what I am complaining about ALL the time!!! Enjoy the pics, and excuse my tired look in the last picture, I was really tired after getting the girls all ready for prom!


Saturday, May 3, 2008

We are HOME!

Well, for 6 weeks anyway! We arrived in Panama City Beach on Thursday, and we haven't stopped since we got here. Haley's senior prom was tonight, and we have spent days preparing for it tonight. She has a dress nightmare! She had it made (as she wanted sleeves, and those are hard to come by in the prom dress department), and it was made really poorly- like she couldn't even wear it! Luckily, she did find someone to fix it, and all turned out well. She looked beautiful! And her dress got tons of compliments. I will be sure to put up pictures when I get them on the computer. I did her hair and make-up, and her friend's hair and make-up, so that was fun. I was so glad to be able to come home in time to help her get ready for her last highschool dance.

Ansley is loving seeing all of the family again. She is a trip! When she saw Preston for the first time she exclaims, "You look different!" (he hasn't changed a bit)....

We have a whirlwind of events while we are here, bridal showers, graduations, and of course the BIG wedding of Preston and Katy, which we are looking forward to on June 7th! I will post some pictures soon!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh my...

We have been so busy, I haven't had time to blog. Last weekend we had Curtis' family over, then Ansley got sick, and in the midst of all of this I have started a little business that has taking over our lives the past few days. I was preparing for my first party, and I am excited that everything is finally finished and the party is tonight! I am selling jewelery that I have just started making. My etsy store doesn't have anything on it yet, but will in the next few weeks, so if you would like to check it out, here it is:

On top of all this, one of my worst fears became a reality on Tuesday night, when Ansley found the scissors, and cut a big chunk out of her hair. I am not kidding, this really was one of my biggest fears, for those that know my well, I am a little obsessed with hair, and having Ansley's hair cute- ALL the time. So, I had to chop it off this morning, to even it up. It really could have been much worse, but I was trying to grow it out for the summer, so it was upsetting!

Anyway, hopefully next week will slow down a bit...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Here's what happens when it snows!

I sew! With all the snow we had this winter, I had a lot of days when I didn't want to leave the house. So, I bought a sewing machine, found a cute pattern on ebay, from a very talented lady (link to her blog:, wonderfully written, easy to follow, and she e-mails you the pattern! Love it!), and sat down, and decided to give it s try. I made many phone calls to my mother (a home economics major who hasn't sewn in years), with a million questions! So, these are the results. Not to bad for a beginner! I even altered the pattern to make the red polka dot top! And now I am addicted, and we need warm weather so Ansley can wear all the clothes I have made her!

Also, wanted to thank my friend Jill for the cute background, which can be found at

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ansley is SO funny!

Ansley is always saying the funniest things. Everyone is always telling me that I need to write them down. She keeps Curtis and I laughing all the time. Here's some things from the past few days...

(While she was laying in bed with us one morning)

Ansley: "Dad, do you ever think about me being a Grandma!?"

Curtis: "Um, not really, no."

Ansley: "Oh, okay..."

(Then while driving in the car)

Ansley: "Can I get a cell phone with a keyboard?"

Me: "Why do you need a cell phone with a keyboard?"

Ansley: "So I can get online and so I can text my friends!"

(Just one of my all time favorite funny things she has said)

Ansley: "I'm a little nervous,"

Me: "What are you nervous about?"

Ansley: "When I grow up, I am going to have to marry a BOY!"

Me: "Well, that's true, but it will be okay."

Ansley: "I know, and he will be handsome, and charming, and nice, and wonderful, but, I'm still a little nervous!"

She is such a trip. Where she comes up with these things I have no idea. She is only 3! She has also started doing this lovely little thing where she poses for pictures, and it's horrible. We cannot get a good picture of her to save our lives. She is always doing all this weird things with her hands, or putting her arms in front of her face, or what not. The pictures at the top demonstrate this quite nicely. Oh, and she does have more than one dress :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Let me just start by saying that it does not FEEL like Easter- it's COLD! Easter just doesn't seem right with coats, and yes, even scarves. Sure makes me miss Florida... At least we had a sunny day! That being said, it is Easter none the less, and some festivities were in order. Ansley and I were invited to an Easter Egg hunt and lunch at a friend's house this morning (Curtis was home sleeping, as he has been working nights). In the words of Ansley "It was a blast!" Gotta love that. She RAN from egg to egg, and filled her basket. She loved every minute. It was so fun to watch her get so exicted over finding each egg. Three is such a great age! We then were invited to an afternoon hunt, with some friends. Ansley had it down by then, and gathered eggs very quickly. Needless to say we are both on a bit of a sugar high this evening.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Wedding

Here we go...

Okay, I have noticed in the past month or so that EVERYONE has blogs!? I am a little behind, but I guess I will give it a try. We'll see how this goes...