Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Date Night

My Mom was kind enough to watch Ansley for us last Friday night so Curtis and I could go on a much needed date night! We went to Salt Lake City to Ruth's Chris steak house- which by the way is FABULOUS! We both ate WAY too much, but enjoyed every bite. If you have never been there, I highly recommend it for a special occasion (we decided since I was so sick on our anniversary that we would celebrate it later when I was feeling better, so this is why we went). It is pricey, but worth every penny!

Anyway, no sooner did we leave the house when we get a call from my Mom. She proceeds to tell us the funniest story about Ansley. She said she and Ansley were talking, and Ansley looks at her, and says, "It's almost time for you to die." My Mom says, "What, why!?" She says, "Well, your getting old, have you looked in the mirror lately?" My Mom is trying not to laugh at this point, or cry, and Ansley goes on, "You have little wrinkles all over you."

I was telling Curtis later on the drive home how nice it is to have free babysitting for a change, and he says, "Yeah, if we haven't lost our babysitter after that comment."

When we got home, my Mom tells me that later Ansley pointed out all of her wrinkles!!! Luckily, my Mom isn't sensitive, and she found this funny instead! And, by the way, my Mom is beautiful, and she looks wonderful for her age!


Jenn-Lee said...

That is so funny! Awww. I miss your mom! She does look amazing for her age! Always beautiful!
Sending hugs as always!

Sarah said...

HAHAHA!! That is so Ansley! Kids say the darndest things, LOL!

Years ago I worked at Ruth's Chris in Texas. I LOVED working there! I got to meet lots of famous people (like the entire Spurs team!), and yes, the food was very good, although I rarely got to it. Even with my employee discount I could hardly afford it, and I wasn't dating anyone at the time, so there was no one to share it with.