Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ansley is still funny...

She is always cracking us up. Lately she has been very concerned with marriage, and she keeps telling us that she doesn't want to get married because then she won't be able to live with Mommy and Daddy anymore, which is VERY upsetting to her. She usuallys starts crying when she realizes this. Silly girl, this is years away.

This morning though, Ansley and I are laying on the couch, and she looks up and says, "Thank you Heavenly Father for what you have done to me." I just looked at her a mintute and smiled, and then she says, "Thank you Heavenly Father for what you have done to Mommy." I said, "What are you thankful for?" She said, "Well, he gave you a mouth so you can talk, a nose so you can smell, eyes so you can see, oh, and eyebrows, so you don't look funny!" Oh the things she says...

I promise new pictures are coming soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back in UTAH!!!

We are back from our trip to Florida. We got home last Thursday early, but we left for Roosevelt, Utah on Friday to see Curtis' parents. So, we are now unpacked, the house is cleaned, and the groceries are bought- and I have a chance for a little update.

Preston's wedding was wonderful. Ansley made a very sweet little flower girl if I don't say so myself. She didn't actually throw any petals (even though the aisle was forever long!) until she sat down with Grandma, then she starts throwing a few as Katy is walking down the aisle. She even throws them at the train of Katy's dress, and when one goes under, she lifted the train to remove it! The ceremony was beautiful, although long, (sorry Preston and Katy- it was long...), and Ansley got a little impatient, and decided she would do better sitting on Preston's lap (I was across the room from her, as I was a bridesmaid, therefore she was sitting with Grandma, who had little control!). So midway through Ansley is sitting on the GROOM'S lap. Then she moved to Katy's! They just kept going, and Ansley was quiet. She did move and sit in their chair alone when it was time for them to do something else.... The reception was awesome, great food, music, and a beautiful view. It was a wonderful day, and we are so happy for the newlyweds! I will share pictures soon, well at least the few I took.

I will update more about our weekend with the Larson Family next time, as soon as I get my pics on the computer.