Thursday, January 28, 2010

ONE year old!!

Olivia is 1 today!! Hard to believe that one year ago today this baby girl was all hooked up to wires spending some time in the NICU! I am so grateful that today she is a happy, HEALTHY, 1 year old!! I feel like this year has gone WAY to quickly. Here is what Olivia is up to now:

  • Walking, she rarely crawls these days.
  • She FINALLY has 4 teeth!!
  • Loves baby dolls. It is so sweet to watch her "rock" and "pat" her baby.
  • Eating and trying more foods.
  • Still nursing a lot though :)
  • Saying bye bye and waving.
  • Holding the phone up to her ear and saying what sounds like hello.
  • Sleeping not so much, or so well....
  • Playing peek-a-boo and saying, "ah boo"
  • Giving sweet open mouthed kisses.
  • Pointing to Mommy's nose when asked where it is.
  • Clapping a lot!

She is a sweet, sweet baby! The past few weeks she has been pretty fussy cutting teeth, but she is normally very happy and smiley! She has her 1 year check next week, so I will post stats then! Happy Birthday Olivia!! We love you SO much!!!

(Thanks to Triana for MORE faulous pictures. We love them!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Way behind- AGAIN or maybe I should say STILL. I am not going to try and catch up. I am going to just start over and do better with 2010...
I must say so far, not loving 2010. It has been a sad year :(
First we said goodbye to Curtis' brother and his family, who moved to Kentucky for a job. Although we didn't see them as often as we would have liked, it was comforting knowing they weren't too far away. We are so happy they get to have this adventure in Kentucky, but we will miss them! A lot!!
Then, on Friday, January 22 my Bubba had a massive stroke in the night and passed away later that evening. Words can not express the sadness I have felt over the past few days. I was very close to my Grandfather. I am so grateful for the time I did have with him. I am very lucky to have many, many wonderful memories of him. He taught me to drive. He wouldn't say much, in fact at times he would read the newspaper while I was behind the wheel (such trust!?), but just when I thought he wasn't paying attention he would tell me what to do. He also taught me to play backgammon. Bubba liked his sleep, and always went to bed early, unless we were playing cards, or backgammon. And he would NEVER let you win. EVER! It was so frustrating when we were younger, but as we got older, and could actually beat him we knew it was the real deal! He was an amazing card player, I have many fond memories of playing cards with him. We often accused him of cheating, because he always won- (for the record he didn't cheat, it just made us feel better). One of the BEST things about Bubba were what we coined "bubbaisms". He had phrases, sayings, that I can remember him using from the time I was a little girl. Anyone who knew him could name a few I am sure. A few favorites, "Bubba loves you, loves you, loves you." He always said this when he hung up the phone with you. "I am perfect in every way." I can remember him even saying this in church when his Pastor would announce that no one was perfect :) "I'll do all the work, you just sit around and look pretty." This was said often, very often. Like if he did the dishes, or took out the trash. "Hey pill, I mean pal." I used to hate this as a kid. I am crying just thinking about how I will never hear it now. "Hollywood's after me." or "they just want me for my body." Ah, he had the best sense of humor. He loved milkshakes, and we would always make a few trips to the Shakeshop when we visited him. He also made THE best Fried Egg sandwiches. He LOVED his mayo. (he would only eat Helman's) and we always teased him about his generous amount he put on EVERYTHING! He felt the same way about butter :) He loved my girls, and was always quick to ask about them and Curtis whenever I called. I am so glad that they were all able to meet him, and spend time with him. More than anything, I am thankful that life is eternal and we will see him again. I miss you and LOVE you Bubba!!!!!