Thursday, January 28, 2010

ONE year old!!

Olivia is 1 today!! Hard to believe that one year ago today this baby girl was all hooked up to wires spending some time in the NICU! I am so grateful that today she is a happy, HEALTHY, 1 year old!! I feel like this year has gone WAY to quickly. Here is what Olivia is up to now:

  • Walking, she rarely crawls these days.
  • She FINALLY has 4 teeth!!
  • Loves baby dolls. It is so sweet to watch her "rock" and "pat" her baby.
  • Eating and trying more foods.
  • Still nursing a lot though :)
  • Saying bye bye and waving.
  • Holding the phone up to her ear and saying what sounds like hello.
  • Sleeping not so much, or so well....
  • Playing peek-a-boo and saying, "ah boo"
  • Giving sweet open mouthed kisses.
  • Pointing to Mommy's nose when asked where it is.
  • Clapping a lot!

She is a sweet, sweet baby! The past few weeks she has been pretty fussy cutting teeth, but she is normally very happy and smiley! She has her 1 year check next week, so I will post stats then! Happy Birthday Olivia!! We love you SO much!!!

(Thanks to Triana for MORE faulous pictures. We love them!)


Cassie said...

Those pics are adorable. I just love little Olivia. So does Carter. She was great entertainment for him in the hall at church the other day.

We live in a Zoo! said...

She really is a doll :D

Devri said...

Hurray! This last year really has flown by!

Briann said...

i love those pics, so cute!

Britney Anglesey said...

Love the pictures! They turned out super cute! See you on Saturday!

Sarah Stiles said...

What a cutie pie! Those are cute pics, and I love the collage format:-)

And it is perfectly okay to be itty bitty;-)