Wednesday, July 28, 2010

18 months

Today Olivia is 18 months. That is a year and half!??

How did this happen? My baby isn’t really a baby anymore.

She is a toddler!

Here is what Olivia is up to at 18 months.

She can make a great “mean” face. But every now and then a little grin slips throughIMG_1454 picknik

Ansley is still her favorite person. Every morning when she wakes up she points to Ansley’s bed (where Ansley is still sleeping) and says, “What’s that? Ansley!”

She also greets Ansley with a big hug and kiss every time she sees her. Livvy really loves her big sister!!

IMG_1534 picnik

Every now and then she even drinks from a sippy cup.

But I am pretty sure this girl might still be nursing in kindergarten. Okay I am totally kidding- but it sure feels that way. Any advice on weaning a toddler???

I am open to any and all suggestions.

IMG_1583 picnik

She loves being outside. And running around! She is constantly pointing to the front door and saying “doutdide” (outside).


She loves my new camera. She thinks she is a photographer. She puts the camera strap around her neck and everything.

And every now and then, she actually lets me take a picture.

And even smiles!! So pretty

IMG_1575 picnik

She eats every meal with a fork. We are very impressed with her coordination. And what a neat eater she is. She makes very little mess, and wipes her mouth every few bites.


She is talking up a storm. Here are some of her latest words:






counting- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!





Olivia has become a much better napper and sleeper! (YAY!) she takes one 2 to 3 hour nap a day. And sleep from about 8 to 6, when she wakes up to nurse, and typically falls back to sleep until 7:30. Even better, she lays down fully awake without crying!! As long as she has 2 babies, her teddy bear, a blanket, her lovey, and a pillow!

She is wearing size 12-18 months clothes. And a size 3 or 4 shoe.

*edit to add stats*

21lbs (13 %), 31.5 inches (45 %- growth spurt!), and again cannot remember her head circumference, but it is in the 45 % as well. Not such a pin head anymore :)

She loves wearing her bow headbands everyday! She will walk into the bathroom where her bows are kept and point for me to get her one. Then I will put it on her, and she will say “piddy.” She also does a very cute head tilt when we get out of the car and she has removed her bow, so it is easier for me to put it back on her :) Haha! She is my girl. No bow, no go!!

She can point to and say most of her body parts. Even surprising us today with “elbow”

Olivia is such a joy to have in our home! Although we have some difficult days with her, she is quick to remind us how very wonderful she is with an unasked for hug and sweet kiss!

We love our little lady so very much!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pioneer Day

In an effort to do more fun things with the girls
(because I am pretty sure trips to Target and Gracie Lou's
aren't that entertaining for them),
we got up bright and early to go to the parade in our little town.
We were a little nervous about how Olivia would behave,
but she was wonderful!!
She enjoyed watching the different trucks and floats go by.
Ansley of course made new friends with neighbors
from my parents ward.
They each got an otter pop, and came home
sticky and tired.
There are still festivities tonight.
BBQ and Fireworks!I sure do love living in Utah :)

Daddy and his mini watching the parade.

The start.

Ansley and Olivia watching from "Petch's" lap.
(Ansley dubbed my Dad, Petch, when she was about
Olivia's age. Bet he is the only Petch
out there.)

Livvy would clap and wave at every float.
And dance when there was music.

I am pretty sure if I ever had a tractor it would be pink :)

Happy Pioneer Day!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ansley's Umbrella Dress

I read a lot of blogs. Craft blogs. Cooking blogs. Pretty blogs.
It's kind of an obsession.
But, I do find great ideas on these blogs.
This dress was one of them.
It is a Leila and Ben pattern I saw on a blog.
I knew it would be the perfect pattern to modify and make over and over again.
I have already made several of them.
I even convinced a few friends that they needed the pattern too!
It is Ansley's favorite dress to wear.
(I added the pockets, it needed something.)
I also think this dress would be darling with a ruffle all the way
down the middle. Who doesn't love ruffles??

I am pretty much in LOVE with the umbrella fabric. Which I found at
Material Girls. CUTEST shop!!
Wish I could remember the designer.
She is a good little model for me :)
Love my Ansley!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fishy Face

Olivia does a pretty good fishy face! Don't you think so too??
(She literally spent 15 minutes trying to copy my fishy face until she mastered it.)