Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pioneer Day

In an effort to do more fun things with the girls
(because I am pretty sure trips to Target and Gracie Lou's
aren't that entertaining for them),
we got up bright and early to go to the parade in our little town.
We were a little nervous about how Olivia would behave,
but she was wonderful!!
She enjoyed watching the different trucks and floats go by.
Ansley of course made new friends with neighbors
from my parents ward.
They each got an otter pop, and came home
sticky and tired.
There are still festivities tonight.
BBQ and Fireworks!I sure do love living in Utah :)

Daddy and his mini watching the parade.

The start.

Ansley and Olivia watching from "Petch's" lap.
(Ansley dubbed my Dad, Petch, when she was about
Olivia's age. Bet he is the only Petch
out there.)

Livvy would clap and wave at every float.
And dance when there was music.

I am pretty sure if I ever had a tractor it would be pink :)

Happy Pioneer Day!!


Shannan and Josh said...

I love the outfit, and even better I have one now from you. THanks a million for it and just for being so fun to be around.

Devri said...

I forgot that she calls him "Petch". Cute pictures!