Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Let me just start by saying that it does not FEEL like Easter- it's COLD! Easter just doesn't seem right with coats, and yes, even scarves. Sure makes me miss Florida... At least we had a sunny day! That being said, it is Easter none the less, and some festivities were in order. Ansley and I were invited to an Easter Egg hunt and lunch at a friend's house this morning (Curtis was home sleeping, as he has been working nights). In the words of Ansley "It was a blast!" Gotta love that. She RAN from egg to egg, and filled her basket. She loved every minute. It was so fun to watch her get so exicted over finding each egg. Three is such a great age! We then were invited to an afternoon hunt, with some friends. Ansley had it down by then, and gathered eggs very quickly. Needless to say we are both on a bit of a sugar high this evening.


Jenn-Lee said...

Ansley Is so cute! Love the easter outfit! Thanks for sharing your pics with us! Happy Easter! I hope it warms up soon. It is cold here too. Anakha-Maire was so mad about that this morning. "Mom! Something is really messed up!" she proceeded to tell me how weird it was that it was spring and it was COLD. She also wanted to talk to the wheather man and tell him to stop messing up. I thought she already knew but I told her that it was all the big man up stairs and she had to pray to him for warm wheather. Its crazy!
Well, its still sunny and very pretty.
Love you girl!!

Coby & Jill said...

What a nice surprise!!! Wow!! I love blasts from the past. I am so glad that you found my blog and that you dropped me a line. Staying in touch with people is so important to me. Your little girl is so precious! Not only that, your wedding photos, especially those of you alone on the deck thingy look like they came right out of a magazine. You are photogenic and beautiful!! I always thought your parents were the two most beautiful people as well--- along with the Marshalls and Jesse's folks. Well, we are in St. George--- what part of UT are you in?? Drop me an e-mail and fill me in on what you've been up to over the years and send more wedding pics. They look gorgeous!! Here's my e-mail:
Keep in touch!!