Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tiny Dancer

One of the incentives we used for potty training was dance class.
You have to be potty trained to go.
After several months she is 95% trained.
(Why are my kids to stubborn!? Anyone with any book suggestions, please share!!
we are still working on this, good days and bad.)
She started last week.
We signed her up for the class with her cousin Jordyn, who is 6 months older,
and has been taking since the fall.
Livvy was very shy and scared when she got there,
and I was so afraid she wouldn't stay.
But, as soon as Jordyn got there she perked right up.
Jordyn took her hand,
and led her to her flower.
As I turned to leave I spotted these cute little girls still holding hands.
I snapped a picture really quickly with my phone.
I love these sweet little cousins.

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