Friday, October 15, 2010

Girly Ghost Shirt

Livvy NEEDED a Halloween shirt :)
Ansley has 3 from last year, I didn't want Liv to feel left out after all.
I searched the mall for a cute one.
And left empty handed.
So, I made her a girly ghost one!
Copied from a Gap tee that they didn't have anymore.
I pretty much LOVE it.
And the best part:
It only took 1 hour it took to make!

Now, if I could just teach her to pose for the camera :)

Pink bow, pink hightop. Does it get any cuter than that??


Bockholt said...

okay I might have to copy this

Maegan :) said...

Wow you made that? That is awesome! You did a great job!!

Shannan and Josh said...

Cute, like always

Skyler and Emily Gleave said...

OH my goodness this is the CUTEST thing ever!!! Love it!