Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Wedding Day

I saw this on a friend's blog, and thought it was fun. I am still going private, so if you haven't left me your e-mail, please do so! And feel free to copy and paste and do this on your blog! I love learning more about everyone!

1) When was your wedding day? July 28th, 2007

2) What day of the week was it? Saturday

3) Did you get married in a church? No, we had a beautiful ceremony on the water in Florida, and look forward to be sealed in the temple (most likely Mt.Timinogas).

4) How many in your wedding party? I had 4 bridesmaids, and Curtis had 3 groomsmen, and Ansley was the flower girl!

5) How many guests were invited to your wedding? Around 100. Being a second marriage we kept it relatively small

6) How long did you wait to tie the knot after your proposal? About 7 months

7) Did you register for gifts? No

8) Who did you hire as your photographer & videographer? We had a wonderful friend who did the photography, and did an AWESOME job! I am seriously LOVE our pictures. And my brother's girlfriend's (now wife) sister's boyfriend (got that) did a wedding video, which may or may not be good, because we still have not seen it nearly 2 years later. Oh well!

9) Did you have a DJ or a band? We had a DJ.

10) Did the father walk the bride down the aisle? Yep he did.

11) What color were the bridesmaid dresses & groomsmen vests? The bridesmaid dresses, which were a nightmare, and had to be altered the day of the wedding, were a beautiful teal color. They looked awesome in pictures, but seriously were THE biggest pain of the entire wedding! The groomsmen wore khaki pants and teal striped shirts, no tie. It was a "beach" wedding afterall.

12) Who was the Maid Of Honor? The Best Man? Didn't really have a "declared" mair of honor, but the best man was Curtis' Dad.

13)What were your colors? A pale teal, lime green and periwinkle.

14) Did the bride have a bridal shower? No

15) What type of limo did you get? We did not do a limo, and no one decorated our car either, I don't think! Sad, I cannot remember that!

16) What type of wedding gown/tux did you two wear? I had a beautiful white dress with a full skirt, and a teal sash that tied around the waist! I LOVE me dress! Curtis wore a Khaki suit and teal tie.

17) How was the weather? HOT and HUMID! Florida in July. We actually waited until 7 to do the ceremony because we knew it would be so hot otherwise.

18) Where did you go on your Honeymoon? You will all be SO jealous! We drove cross country in a Uhaul with all my stuff! I know, you wish your honeymoon and been so fabulous! BUT, we did stay a few nights at the resort where we were married before packing up and moving. And for our one year anniversary we were in Scotland, but was all know how much I enjoyed that trip...

19) What was your favorite part of your wedding day? I loved every minute of the day! It was perfect, and beautiful, and everything I ever wanted. Truely my DREAM wedding!!!

20) How long have you been married? It will be two years in July.

21) What was the most memorable "bridezilla" moment? Hmm... Not sure I had any. But, if you ask my parents they might be able to name a few. Lol..

22) What was your most memorable wedding-related mental breakdown? The bridesmaid dresses. Like I said before, NIGHTMARE! They were not completed until the day of, and then they did not fit the girls, and my sweet friend Carrie, who was a bridesmaid, brought her sewing machine up to the venue and altered them, and I must say, they looked great in the picures, even if some of the girls couldn't breath, one of the ripped, and they had 80's prom dress sleeves...

23) What would you change about your day? Nothing. It was all perfect!

24) What was your most memorable Wedding moment? The father daughter dance, it was very special for me. Everything was wonderful with Curtis, but knowing my Dad was so happy about my marriage was really nice!


carter's mommy! said...

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The Larson Family said...

That is good to know Laura. I will sign up! I have a closet full of jeans that don't fit right now, so it is very frustrating, and I don't really want to buy a bunch of inbetween sizes...
Two kids is harder than I thought it would be, but I think mostly because I was out of the habit of having a baby. It is totally worth it though, either way!

Katy and Preston said...

Sorry about the video, we have the tapes and have been trying to get them put onto a DVD for when you guys come in May.

Emily said...

Fun! I always love to hear about my friends weddings. I should put this on my blog too.

Morgan Family said...

:) Hey, Taylor! I found your blog on your facebook. I love keeping up with friends on their blogs. I see that you went private - my email is

I'm gonna steal your wedding survey! :) My wedding was VERY unique, so it'll be a fun way to fill everyone in on the details.