Monday, March 2, 2009

Stranger Danger and other funny things...

Ansley has been learning about "stranger danger" this week at school. She had to learn her phone number, and write it (which did not go so well...), but she did do very well with the steps of stranger danger. She would come home and repeat them all. So, while driving by BYU the other day she saw two girls running, and she says, "Look Daddy, they are using the buddy system" It was so cute, and we are proud that she is paying attention at school!

Her preschool also took a trip to the fire station this week. As she was walking out the door, Curtis asked her to go find a coat to wear, she says, "I don't need a coat Daddy, the fire will keep me warm!" Poor thing was very disappointed to find out there are not actual fires at the fire station, she came home to tell us that there was only one very small fake fire in a doll house there!

And, while we are on the fire subject, Ansley likes to "tan" herself by the fire at my parents house, she will lift up her shirt and turn to the fire, and says she is "tanning" herself!

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