Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She's 2 Months Old!

Olivia was 2 months old last Saturday, but had her 2 month doctor's visit today! She did very well, and the Doctor said she looks perfect! She is still a peanut (well at least for me!) weighing in at 11 pounds 5 ounces (and this with a full diaper and full tummy) putting her in the 43rd percentile, 22 inches long (17th percentile), and a head circumference of 15 inches, which is the 16th percentile (up from the 2nd at her 2 week check!).

At 2 months Olivia is starting to smile a lot more, and coo! I love it! She is such a sweet baby girl, very calm and patient, like her Dad! She is also very strong, and lifts her head when on her tummy very well! Ansley is SO good with her, and loves holding her.

I am so grateful for a healthy baby girl! I feel so blessed!!


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!!I am so happy that all is well.

Emily said...

I'm so glad we FINALLY got to hang out the other day. I was so glad I got to hold her. I love her already.

Haley said...

I miss my "little lady!" I haven't held her since Monday! She is so cute!!

Sarah Stiles said...

She may be a peanut, but those little chipmunk cheeks are freakin' ADORABLE! I bet you just can't help but to kiss them 100 times a day:-)