Monday, June 15, 2009

Love at First Sight!

Olivia and Thatcher met for the first time while we were in Georgia! Clearly, they were smitten!
Thatcher reached for Livvy's hand, it was so sweet! It was so much fun to see these two babies together! Thach was ALL boy, and Livvy is very much a girl!

These two love birds were born just one week apart, Livvy being the older woman! Thatcher is SO strong, it was impressive to see him move all over the place at just 3 months old!

I will be showing them this picture on their wedding day! :)

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Nichols Family said...

Thanks for showing a picture of Thatcher. I've only seen one other picture of him (right out of the womb--so not so cute). Greg and Jessie are punks and have NEVER sent, or even emailed me a picture of him.