Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Months!

Olivia was 4 months a week ago, and just had her 4 month appointment yesterday! She is 13 lbs 13 oz, and 25 inches! She is growing growing! The Doctor said that he was impressed with her mobility, and how strong she is. She was all over the table while he was checking her out, my little wiggle worm! This month I have seen such a big difference in her, she is getting quite the personality, and it is so fun to watch! She is so smiley, and although she isn't laughing yet, she is cooing and talking tons. She rolls from front to back, and loves for me to hold unto her finger and pull her to a sitting posistion. Olivia took her first plane rides this month, and did beautifully, only crying on the small plane, which we think bothered her little ears (it did mine too, so this has to be it, right!?). Livvy loves her sister Ansley, and is always excited when Ansley plays with her, and talks to her. She loves being outside, and really enjoyed the pool, and didn't even mind the boat ride we took!

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Sarah Stiles said...

Aww, she sounds so cute! But you know, these posts are meaningless without cute pictures to match, right? LOL. Babies grow up too fast. Enjoy all he little moments.