Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Pictures

Curtis never wants anything for Father's Day, so you can imagine it is always hard to come up with a gift for the occasion! After much thought, I decided to have pictures done of all his girls :)
My good friend Triana and I loaded up (with my Mom in tow to help with the kiddies) and headed to Curtis' grandparents old house to get some shots! We had no idea we were in for SUCH a day! Rain, an uncooperative Ansley, and a baby who DOES not smile for the camera for anything and Triana still got some AMAZING pictures! I was thrilled when I saw the sneak peek on her blog, and after my WONDERFUL brother Preston made an amazing montage for me (which I want to put up- because he really needs to sell them) I couldn't even wait until Father's Day to give them to Curtis! He was so surprised, especially when he found out we did them at his grandparent's!

This is SO Livvy I can hardly stand it! She is one serious girl!

My ABSOLUTE fav! I love my girls!
And one of all 3 of us! Unfortunately because of the rain, we were unable to get orchard pics, which was the whole point of using Curtis' grandparent's house... But these tires made for a cool backround- that was closer to the car in case it started pouring :) Which it did...

Thanks again Triana! Curtis LOVED LOVED his pictures!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these. OH MY GOSH, they are perfect. I need you to email me your friends info so she can do our pictures. SO BEAUTIFUL TAYLOR!

triana said...

I'm so glad Curtis liked the photos! Hopefully we can try for a few more tomorrow night, and hopefully we don't get as much nasty rain!

Gina said...

these are so so darling! glad we found each other on blog world too! Your family is the cutest!