Monday, September 26, 2011


Just a quick little update on our life since our move.

It has been 7 weeks since we moved to this new little town.
We are settled in, we have been actually for 6.5 weeks.
Unpacking/decorating went very quickly,
for which I am grateful.
I hate living with boxes everywhere.
Living here has been an adjustment.
Not having "things" (shopping, restaurants...) near by has been different.
I have literally filled my car up once since we have lived here.
I am home. ALL. DAY. long.
It's a good thing I like my house.
I am learning to entertain myself and Livvy with out all the "stuff"
that normally filled my days.
There has been a lot of sewing.
Thank goodness I have hobbies.
There are days that I am just plain bored too.
But, that is OK.
I am sure many people would love to be bored.
I miss SF still. It was home.
I loved having my family close by,
and many dear friends.
I miss that.
Somehow though, this is home too.
It doesn't feel like I am vacationing, or that I will wake up from this dream,
as previous moves have felt.
This is where we are supposed to be right now.
It has been nice to be close to Curtis' family.
The girls are loving having cousins to play with close by.
And, I am enjoying having my sister in laws.
We are making new friends, Curtis is getting reacquainted with old.
We are making a life for ourselves out here.
And it is just fine.
Most days ;)

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Tahsha said...

I'm glad that things are going well there. I know that's where you should be, but I really just want you to come back! (Sorry, that probably doesn't make it easier for you) Miss you! I need to come out there, soon!