Monday, September 19, 2011

Haley and Clay Visit.

We love visitors! Especially since moving away from my family.
Having Haley and Clay come for the weekend was so fun.
We gave them the tour of our new town.
It was short :)
Friday night Haley and I worked on a little Halloween craft. Pretty excited to decorate. Come on Oct.1st!
Saturday we took them up to Flaming Gorge. Clay loved it. But, we didn't see a moose. Like he had hoped.
Livvy snoozed in the car.
Saturday night Haley and I made cute wreaths for our door. No pictures yet.
And, Curtis worked on his talk for church.
It was a successful trip.
Thanks for the coming to see us.


Cassie said...

When can I come visit? I'd love to have two craft nights in a row, taught by THE professional. I sure miss you.

We live in a Zoo! said...

So I think you need to make me some banners for my little boys room and my little girls... You'll do it free right... ;D Or maybe if I come for a visit you could help me?