Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter: Decorations

I had too much fun decorating for Easter this year.

This is actually the first year I have ever decorated for the holiday.

Lately I have really enjoyed trying to make each holiday more fun for my girls.

Decorating is totally part of that. Right??

Because I was starting from scratch this year,

I based all the things I made on a little chick and bunny I found at a cute local shop.

Before I even bought them. He he :)

I love the way everything turned out.

And, it is nice to have a little "Spring" in the home,

when the weather hasn't been quite so outside.

(Blogger has uploaded my photos WAY out of order... so I am just going with that.)

So, not exactly Easter, but, I did hang these the day I decorated.

And I love them.

My frame is vintage, found at a consignment shop.

I duct taped the chicken wire to it.

I am classy like that.

Eventually I will clothespin pictures to it.

Book page wreath I made with a friend.

It was time consuming (like 5 hours...), but totally worth it.

It is one of my favorite things in my whole house.

I have become the banner queen.

I am obsessed.

Any and all banners.

And, I have quite the collection.

This was actually one I made for a friend's baby shower.

It matched my decor so well I hung it up for Easter.

This is the COOLEST paper fabric!!

See, this is where it would be helpful if these pictures were in order.

These are the little eggs that hang from my "tree".

I wanted sparkly eggs.

I looked everywhere for them,

never found the perfect ones.

So, I ended up with these cute little eggs.

I hung them with fishing line,

covered that up with ribbon,

and flowers.

And they cost me $5 for the whole project.


THE bunny and THE chick.

I love, love, love them.

Another banner.

Told you I was obsessed.

This one says SPRING.

It is hard to tell in the picture.

And those are more book pages behind the glittered letters.

Love cutting up old books :)

My tree.

I totally copied a friend after seeing hers.

This has been the BEST decoration for anything.
Birthdays, baby showers, EVERY holiday.

I hope you made it through this post.

And that it wasn"t totally boring.

I love looking at every one's cute holiday decorations,

so I thought I would share mine.

Happy EASTER!!!


Shannan said...

You are the cutest at decorating. I love your taste. Can you please teach me how to decorate for the next season. You are truly talented. Thanks so much for the awesome Easter Egg hunt. James had a blast!

Heather Davies said...

Way cute, Taylor!