Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update on Miss Olivia

We have had an emotional few days. She had a few more apneas on Monday- although, I am not sure if they were real or not, because the nurse was not there to see them, and she recovered on her own in 20 seconds. I really question them because her O2 levels went from 18 to 86, with no gradual climb. She also had 2 heart decels, and they did 2 EKG's on her, and an ultrasound, all normal- except for a very very tiny hole, which the Cardiologist assures me will close by her 2 month appointment. We do not know what is causing the apneas, the doctors are wondering if she may have been a little earlier than we thought, which would explain why I was measuring so small.... She has also been put back on oxygen, which the nurses say is normal after they start eating- which brings me to the good news- she is breastfeeding like a champ, and took her first bottle of EBM (expressed breast milk) last night, so we may be losing the feeding tube soon! So, as of now we are not sure if she will get to come home with us on Friday or not, and she may be coming home on monitors when she does.


Sarah said...

Hang in there Taylor. We are praying for all of you, especially Miss Olivia. Thanks for keeping us all updated on her progress. Hugs from Florida!

Jenn-Lee said...

Oh little Olivia! I am so sad she has had all these troubles in her first days here! I hope you are doing ok. I want to call you but dont have your #. :( I am praying for her,...and you! Much Love !