Thursday, July 21, 2011


The past 6 months have been chaotic.
I feel like many things have gone neglected.
My friends.
My house.
Even my family at times.
Obviously the blog (but, let's be honest, when has it ever not been neglected?).
In the past 6 months,
I have planned a wedding.
Played room Mom in Ansley's class.
Tried to still have parties, GNO's, craft nights, BBQ's.
Curtis has had 3 different jobs... in one week.
(Not complaining I know that is a blessing, but it did add to the chaos.)
The last and current job means moving.
We have been house hunting with no hope,
in a difficult rental market.
And then just throw in life.
A 2 year old in the mix of all this!?
Oh, and did I mention that most of this was done as a single parent?
Yeah, there was/is that.
I know that to many this list doesn't seem overwhelming,
and it is just daily life.
For me,
it was hard.
Too hard some days.
I don't like limbo. Not knowing what is going to happen.
The question marks in life.
I want a plan.
I wish I handled stress better.
My husband has been amazing.
Putting up with far too much whining and complaining from me.
And then, I remember to count my blessings.
I sit and I name them, one by one.
And I realize how lucky I am.
How truely blessed.
To have wonderful, supportive family and friends.
A roof over my head.
To be able to stay at home with my children.
The list goes on and on.
I am a lucky girl.
I take a deep breath, say a prayer, and try to have faith and trust in the Lord.
And the peace comes.
The comfort comes.
Yesterday we got THE house.
The house I really knew was ours all along.
It took a leap of faith.
And I feel peace.
I feel the joy of knowing our family will be together.

(Beautiful photography by Amber Holt photography.
Curtis was out of town during the shoot.)


The Wade's said...

So glad you got a house! I feel your frustrations, but yes, things do calm down eventually!! Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your new place!

Tahsha said...

You are awesome. You've done all this while trusting the Lord and keeping close to His spirit. You will be okay. He WILL watch out for your little family. Just remember that sometimes it's okay to say NO, and to let the little things go. You've been so good about prioritizing. Sometime it just doesn't matter if the dishes are done! Love you and I'm going to miss you SOOOOO Much!!!!!!

We live in a Zoo! said...

Sounds hard to me! Yikes! I'm so glad you got the house you wanted, but sad to see you go.

Briann said...

So glad you found something! Where are you moving to?

Cassie said...

You've been awesome through this. I'm grateful for all you did keep doing- like watching my kids, craft nights, play dates, girls nights, etc. And today I'm grateful for your faith that encourages me as well. You are amazing. We are going to miss you a ton but I'm so glad things are working out for your family.

Emily said...

I agree I don't like the ?'s marks in life either. I want it all to be planned out for me (just as I want it of course) but life doesn't go that way. I feel like things are up in the air for us too and we just have to keep the faith the HF is going to come through for us. I can't even begin to say how much I will miss you. You're friendship has meant the world to me and I will miss not being with you like everyday. What will I do with my significant other so far away :)
It's for the best I'm sure but I still don't like it :(

Devri said...

When you sit and list off things, they certainly seem minor, but all those minor things add up to some hard times when they happen all at once. Way to make it through! Congrats on finding a good house! Are you renting then? You do such an amazing job with decorating. And Hayley's wedding was beautiful! Great job on that!