Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

Ansley lost her first tooth last night!
To say she was excited would be an understatement.
We tucked the tooth into her sweet little tooth pillow.
(Which I should get a picture of, but Livvy is napping right now, in the room with the pillow)
And Ansley reminded me that she wanted a figurine, not just money from the tooth fairy!
Being a tooth fairy is hard work!
Poor fairy had a hard time finding the tooth pillow!!
Don't worry though, she did.
And she left $2, special fairy dust, and a hand written teeny, tiny note!
Fair dust is nice and sparkly. And comes in a pretty jeweled container!
But, wouldn't you know?
Those jewels don't stick very well.
So the tooth fairy had to make some apologies in her note.
Her note read:
Dear Ansley,
Congratulations on your first tooth loss!
Here is some special fairy dust for you!
Oops. Looks like I lost a jewel! Hope you don't
The Tooth Fairy
I hear you are tooth fairy too!
In case you have forgotten,
Ansley is the tooth fairy!
My Dad and she play this game.
She knew the tooth fairy was real because,
"She wrote in cursive, and even knew my name.
Plus she lost a jewel. And that is something tooth fairies do!"
This morning, when Ansley woke up she was SO excited!
She ran into my room to tell me,
"The tooth fairy is AWESOME! This is better than my birthday!"
On the way to school she called Grandma to tell her the big news!
And what the fairy had left her.
She told her all about how the fairy dust was real!
"I used it in my room, so it didn't work,
but when I get home from school I am going to use it outside.
And I will fly! I have been waiting years to fly!"
I might have some explaining to do after school!
Uh oh...


Britney Anglesey said...

AHA! So classic Ansley. What a cutie! Congrats! (to the tooth fairy too!)

Heather Davies said...

haha, that is so cute. She will love to hear this when she gets older. I hope she's not too disappointed when she comes home! :) Nice touch, by the way. ;)